Can Anyone Give me a Lift?

Anyone riding in tomorrow from NW London to near Holborn?

Staying in town for a couple of nights, and don’t want to leave the bike in an insecure bay, so trying to cadge a lift

With the tube strike going on tomorrow I don’t see how a cage is gong to get you anywhere.
Might as well walk…

you need to get some english lessons mate :hehe: :smiley:

Lean French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew then come back to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

touché but I speak Greek were all words came from :hehe:

And the alphabet coms from Lebanon (Phoenicians) :smiley:

(Er - hope you get your lift sorted D :slight_smile: )

true but we (Greeks), took the script and modified it by adding the vowels, and thus creating the first true alphabet.

ps the word ‘alphabet’ comes from the Greek Alpha Beta! :hehe:

I drive in everyday from NW6 to Covent Garden. You can have a lift but I leave home at 6.30am to get to the gym.

The roots of western civilisation were collective Pan :wink: - let’s say it was a joint ancient eastern mediterranean, middle eastern collective effort. ;):smiley:

Yes, on the bike, leaving at 2pm from Hampstead. Could drop you in Holborn.

I go from High Barnet ish to Southwark, leave at very much approximately 7, go through Holborn coming up to 8.

I ride in from Kilburn at 7.30am to Kings cross, can drop yuo off in Holborn no problem. That is if my 'storm fires up…:w00t:

Shame your the wrong side of london or I’d give you a lift

Sorry live on the south Side, but, an alternative is to park the bike at Baynard house next door to Blackfriars and walk up from there (about 15 mins) at least that way you don’t need to worry about getting home after the couple of days in town as well.The car park is free and has 24 hr security, cameras and the whole of the ground floor is just for motorbikes - there are bollards to stop vans etc entering - so, pretty safe also if you park at the back there are some thick rails to run your chain round.

Thank you for all the offers, I have accepted the one from SheWoolf

funny how there was one offer for a **car ** ride and you took that!! :Whistling:

It is also the nearest to where I live!

It saves a lot of the people that made offers of lifts going miles out of their way.

That is why I was saying thank you to everyone that offered, I was actually looking forward to riding pillon, but as stated above SheWoolf actually is the nearest to where I live.

Cages aren’t all bad and if it’s raining in the morning I’m sure we’ll give you a special thought :smiley: However, if for some reason we get stuck in horrendous traffic that thought wont be as smug, lol !!!

at that time of the morning ya should be fine as the bus lanes are all open to ya pretty much :smiley:

To be honest, I don’t normally hit any traffic at that time of the day. Normally takes about 20 mins to get in to work in the cage :slight_smile: