Can Anyone Give me a Lift?

not really as most west European language are Latin based but I have seen the movie and I know where you come from

Ok let see… what about… PEDOPHILE… Pretty sure this one is definitively Greek…
Could have chosen REPUBLIC or DEMOCRACY but that would have been too faltering to your ancestors…:smiley:

Well let us know how you two are doing in the tube strike chaos then

The bike bays in Greville Street/St. Cross Street and Kirby Street have either rails or hoops in the road to lock y’bike to, do y’all have a chain? There all 2mins walk from High Holborn/Chancery Lane…:wink: I can bring an extra one in for you?

Thanks everyone, SheWoolf for the lift, and all the offers, took about 5 minutes longer than normal on the drive in, traffic is building up very quickly though

yeah, extra traffic, even at 6.30am but didn’t quite hit any traffic jams :slight_smile: