Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I’ve just pre-ordered this through Gameplay (my god, I remember dialing up to their networking on my 14.4k modem for Duke Nukem when I should have been at college!) for the PC, and I can’t bloody wait!

Anyone else taken by this? Was tempted tog et it on the PS3, but you can’t beat a pc for FPS imo… Old habits die hard.

I was really looking forward to it and got onto the 360 multiplayer beta, but that actually put me off :frowning:

Sticking with Rainbow Six: Vegas - Can’t beat it IMHO

I’ll be getting myself a copy of this as well as I really enjoyed CoD3.

First things first though, I need to finish PGR4 before I can spend time on CoD4.

Sometimes I wish I had an XBox360 for that game :slight_smile:

I don’t fancy FPS type games on a console…that’s strictly the domain of the PC, IMHO.

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy the squad based FPS type games much either. I grew up on Doom/Quake/TFC/Unreal etc…that squad based stuff is too slow for my tastes.

I saw this a while ago and think it might actually be quite interesting. The only thing I really hated about CoD was the repetitiveness and hope this is better.

This is more like the ghost recon games

had it on preorder for a month or more, try the demo its awesome!

Snap that did the same for me…

yea cracking game better than all the other versions imoa, i completed it today on the 360 , but i will be buying it for the pc . fps are soo much better on pc. after a few years of bf2 i need a change. :slight_smile:

our server is online and heaving with people :slight_smile: damn shame I’m still waiting for my copy :frowning: at least its been posted ! IP: Grumpy Old Bastards COD4

Ordered this via Valves steam client, downloaded and…its not working!!! bugger this is frustrating :frowning:

Okay, this game ROCKS! I can’t believe how ‘realistic’ it feels. I say it like that as of course I don’t know what it’s like to really be a soldier, but god-damn do you get a feeling for the chaos, atmosphere and fear that must go on. It’s proper hard and has amazing sound and visual effects.

It runs like a DREAM all maxed out on my pc. I’m loving it :slight_smile: The downside is that it’s already caused some friction as I’ve played it too much, whoops. Moderation is the key here it seems.

You obviously haven’t tried World of Warcrack then :wink: (Note I haven’t either) and have to say my ex was not best pleased when I spent too much time playing games on my PC…

I’ve never been into tree-hugging games. I also have sod all time for anything nowadays. COD4 hasnt been queit all week :w00t: 24hrs a day rated 4th in the USA :cool:

Yea great game but i seem to be having trouble with my direct x , now and again it blows me out and i have to reinstal direct x to get a decent res. or it blue screens and restarts once an a while , not sure why, my puters a good spec xp home

500gig hard drive

xmd 6000 duel core

2 gig 8600 corser ram

gforce gts 8800 640mb x2 in sli g cards.

guess il have to wait for a patch.

i was using vista ultimate but decided to go back to xp for a bit, shame cos i got another 2 gig of ram sat in a box now.:frowning:

Could it be ropey graphics drivers? It’s a thin possibility like rebooting but I find that it usually accounts for things like that. Try updating them or even rolling them back a version or two.

If they’re anything like ATi, there is usually a fixes and known issues list that comes with them.

yea , i tried that rd but didnt work so i decided to wack vista 64 back in , an me extra 2 gig of memory an hay presto it works great no hick ups .:smiley:

ive got it but havent played it yet just got me xbox 360 and im 2 3rds the way through halo 3 and also playing pgr4 aswell(pukka game)