Bye Bye Hannspree... Hellloooooo and advice wanted...

Right… i did something very exciting but stupid at the weekend…

I px’d the 600, and bought a new blade.
For the last 18 month the 600RR stayed standard, even the numberplate …So advice people’s… what do I change first on the blade?

I want to make it more mine… different.

I’m going to have this bike longer, i’m still learning really so this will be with me long enough to do some modifications.

Its black all over, no other colours…due to the amount of toilet duck jokes (thanks chunkymonkey) !! Looks good though.

Tail tidy is a must I think on the blade, the standard set up for the number plate and stuff just looks odd!!

Thankyou Tiggi… Noted. Will have a look round on net after work :cool:

congrats mel!

primary list for me on a bike are:

exhaust (+pwr commander if it messes with the fuelling)
suspension set up (B did mine)
tail tidy
bubble screen (but then i’m a big chap)
tank grips

and a lot of security :wink:

I have asked the dealer to upgrade the alarm and immobiliser to cat 1. (got a massive discount on this)

I have crash bungs going on (free)

Tank protector and that little lead that makes putting the optimate on easier (free)

I’m crap at haggling, but i’m happy so far…

(Thankyou to Doug for helping me to get the bike even though he worries about me, and not keen on bikes)…

Nice one Mel! I think you need someone to test it for you before you take it out with any mods done to it - you know where I am, just let me know where & when :smiley:

:smiley: Only messing;) enjoy your new bike Mel

I have a Black 2007 Blade and got a Tail Tidy, crash bungs, double bubble screen and power commander.

I hope you got a good price for that hanspree. that thing was the sex

EDIT: you have ordered some LB stickers for the new bike, right?

Mel check out my Joe Rocket Black leathers for sale, would look stunning on a Black Blade? Size 40/42. Just a bit too small for me height wise.


congrates on the new blade, is a fast bike ride safe now.:smiley:

Tail tidy, exhaust system, short levers, double bubble screen to start with…

LOvely lovely bike, awesome colour scheme, nice one

wow, they are a nice bike and in black, saying that i did like the old one

you should have ran a poll on what bike to buy that would have been interesting

motogp style race can,tail tidy,screen,levels,rear sets,k&n,pcIII,nos bottle :smiley:

nice one congratulations :slight_smile: all the above and some light protectors too

That Hanspree was so sexy, but this is too!
I think a tail tidy is a must. They look so much better.

New paint job! :smiley:

Might I suggest… :Whistling:



Thankyou all for the suggestions.

I will let you know what i do, as i do it… I’m sure i’ll bodge it somehow, lol.

Was very impressed on the test ride. Surprised mainly by how planted it felt on the road. I was 10 minutes into the test ride and hit a massive pothole!! Cant remember if i stopped breathing before or after all the swearing, haha.

The power was very progressive, and the clutch makes it really easy to use. Loved it!! :D:D

It corners better too… :smiley:

Tracker and maybe a day with the California Superbike School boys and girls.

Congrats luv.

Looks mint :slight_smile: