Buying (another) bike!! Advice and opinions please

Edited to reflect some of the feedback I have had so far: Need to be able to get on it - am 5’6" - so max seat height of about 820mmUpright(ish) seating position - want to be as comfy as possible Semi-faired (although I like the look of a lot of naked’s, feedback suggests that they won’t be comfy on long rides/ touring).Multi-use - want to tour the continent, and do full day ride outs, happily doing up to 300 - 400 miles per day. But also needs to be good for centre of town commuting, so can nimbly filter through traffic. Don’t plan on doing off-road, but don’t want it to have a hissy fit, if it hits a bit of gravel or comes across some less than perfect road surfaces. Was originally thinking 600 - 800cc, but could be tempted by the right litre bike. Z1000 SX anybody?Pretty even power throughout the rev range (not just at the top) - has some real poke and makes me feel secure when overtakingDon’t want to feel like I’ve outgrown it within 6 - 12 monthsHas to look cool - ideally a bright colour (I’m a girl - it’s important!) Blue and Green are particular favourites. Want it to look agressive, masculine, a bit of a beast. Must not look like the sort of bike a courier would ride for the day job! Plan to buy an ex-demo or up to max 2 years old, less than 10,000 miles Kawasaki Z1000SX (stunning looking bike, great reviews, award winning etc, but will it be too much for a noob? Would have to get the green tape for the wheels too!)Kawasaki Z750R (perfect looking bike, this is the bench mark style wise - see pic below and being a Kwacker will make it easy to trade-in the Vulcan! Also, as it is being superceded by the Z800R, there should be some bargains to be had with ex-demos etc)BMW F800ST (seems to tick all the boxes and looks lovely in Lupin Blue!)Yamaha FZ8 (looks nice in the blue!)Kawasaki ER-6F (looks nice, but will I outgrow it?)Aprillia Mana (looks cool, but will it be difficult to sell on?)Suzuki Bandit (slightly boring looking, but they’re popular for a reason right?)

Any others that I should be considering? Based on my experience and requirements, very keen to hear peoples opinions on how suitable any of these bikes will be for me. Obviously I need to go and test ride, but would be good to get it down to a short-list of 3 or 4, make sure I haven’t missed out any gems and to learn about other peoples experiences of bikes in this range.

Many thanks in advance.

So these are my 2 favourites looks wise (and where I am most likely to get the best price for my VN).



Coming a respectable 3rd (for now) Beemer F800ST

Just waiting for Mian now to remind me that I should really be buying a VFR!

300-400 miles on a naked are possible but you will get tired pretty quickly, especially if going at 70+X%! :smiley: I’ve got used to it by now but not sure it’s something I’d want to tour Europe on. But then you’ve got the GS so I would keep that for Europe :wink:

I know the z750 does a semi-faired version but tbh, it’s ugly as sin. I’ve always liked the naked Z in terms of looks and everyone I know who has ridden one, has loved it.

Wondering if you would be better off with something like a CBR600f? Everyone says they’re awesomely comfy and good about town?

You could always trade in the VN900 for a VN2000!!!

2 litre V-Twin cruiser anyone? xD
Makes 141 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm.

Its a beast.

My favourite part of biking at the moment is long sweeping bends (hairpins, not so much - yet!). Cornering a big cruiser is a bit like manouvering a small elephant, I’d like my bike to be a bit more like a cheetah!

Have you considered CBF1000? It might be a bit tall but it does everything effortlessly apparently, has a half faring and due to the upright riding position you can ride it all day without all your joints siezing. Having said all that I think I’ve sold myself.

As said above having no fairing on all day runs can get a bit tiresome as you really get blasted on the motorways. On the flip side because you are getting blasted you have more of a sense of speed. On a fully faired bike it cuts through the air like a missile and then you are like “oooh is that the current speed.”

I tried the CBF1000 when I was doing my search that ended up with the Beemer. Thought it was uber-lovely to ride - but looked a bit like the bike your Dad would ride - not quite ‘animal’ enough for me. Wasn’t planning to go the litre route as yet as I’m still a noob, but do you think I’d be crazy to consider the Z1000 SX - really like the look of them :o)

Think I’ve fallen just a little bit in love!! Please tell me it won’t be too much for me!

Yeah like white, right? :smiley:

I think the Kawasakis are awesome and the Z750R would suit you. I can tell you already that I probably wouldn’t tour on the Hornet as going without fairing makes it a bit uncomfortable especially if you would go for example on an Autobahn where you do high speed for longer periods of time. So at least that should help eliminate one :slight_smile:

Litre or 600, it’s all in the wrist :smiley:

But then again, I’ve only ever ridden 600s :smiley:

The Hornet looks lovely in the white, yes George - for me I like bright primary colours, particularly Blue (as people may have noticed :D) and Kwacker metallic green.

The more I look at the Z1000 SX ABS, the more in love I am becoming - has more fairing than the Z750R (good to hear your view on the ‘nakedness of the Hornet’ George). I know some of the naked bikes have semi-faired versions, like the ER-6F, so still interested in hearing views on these> But yes fully naked is probably not going to be ‘fit for purpose’.

Interesting challenge.

I don’t know anything about modern versions but a motorbikethat might suit you could be the Moto Guzzi V7?

I wouldn’t worry about colour, that’s what a spray cans for.

I have a 2007 ER6f.
Great power throughout the mid RPM range and doesn’t go crazy at the higher RPM.
I mostly use mine inner city and it always has plenty of torque on the tap at low speeds even if you’re in the wrong gear.
I get around 40mpg in city traffic. You’d probably do a lot better because I’m heavy handed. (my FZ6s2 never passed 35mpg in city use)

On the motorway it’s a good performer. The engine will continue pulling passed 100mph but that’s when things start to buzz.

The newer 2010 model look a lot better

If you do get one try going for a 2007-onwards because there were a few issues with 05-06.

Very attractive bike, but doesn’t look like it would be all that comfy doing long distance touring would I be wrong to assume that?

That is a beautiful looking bike in a gorgeous colour!! I will rarely do over 90mph, I’m more interested in how quickly it gets there - especially when you want that extra spurt for overtaking…

You mean you would only do 90mph only on the german autobahn and the track, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only owned a Motto Guzzi V50, comfort wise it has beenthe best bike I’ve ever owned, as does my mother who I used to take pillion upin North Wales when she visited, which is whyI thought the Guzzi franchise might be worth looking at.

Honda NC700 ,?

NC700 is most probably too slow for Ally :slight_smile:

I own a ER6-F as well as the KLV1000 (which is a Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom in drag). I recently popped over to Reims on the KLV, two up (around 300 miles in the day). The KLV handled it no problems and the seat was comfy for those distances. The bike had plenty of power for the French motorway where 85/90mph is standard. The ER6-F wouldn’t have coped so well with the longish distance. The seat starts to hurt after about an 60-90 mins in the saddle, the bike vibrates a lot more than the KLV and whilst it can cope with 80/90 mph stuff, it isn’t as effortless as it is on the KLV.

Now, for the city commutes I love the ER6-F. It is lighter and nimbler than the KLV and I get around 50mpg (was getting nearly 60mpg when my commute was 98% M25)

If the long distance (UK/European) trips are a reality, I would question whether any 600/650 would be right for you. On the Eurotunnel I was chatting to a guy with a DL650 (the little Vstrom or weestrom). He was saying the bike ran out of guts on some of the hilly trips, especially 2 up. I’m thinking most midweights will be the same…

I’ve got a 2011 CBR600F and would recommend it. It works for a commute, and is great fun at the weekends. Seems to tick a few of your boxes:

^ that

Europe on Street Triple is… er… doable.