Buying a Supermoto!

I’ve owned most types of bikes but never a Supermoto but always wanted one after hooning around town on the DRZ over the years. Time to correct that! I’ve just bought a 2020 KTM 690 SMC R.

@Panagiotis very kindly let me have a go on his 2012 model and I was smitten. Went to Inmoto in Croydon who have them on discount atm and spec’d out a modest build focusing mainly on the protection accessories, heated grips, the ergo seat and the LED headlight replacement unit.

I’m not a fan of the standard colours so am thinking about a graphics kit. Maybe something like this, or maybe something custom:

I’ve not added an after market exhaust as I’m undecided. I don’t want anything too loud, I would prefer to keep a lowish profile. Any ideas? I did see one exhaust that seems to have two different size baffles, so you can have stock-quiet to a bit louder to fookin loud. That seems attractive.


I misread the title!

I thought you said buying a supermodel! I feel cheated now!

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No mate, that’s wrong, stops those wrong thoughts! Though, you know, supermodels and supermotos might have the same level of up-keep and risks, i.e. expensive accessories, lot’s of maintenance, high chance of theft, prone to accidents, etc.

hahaha that was quick!!!
in terms of graphics i got mine from here and its semi customisable - additional decals, change numbers, etc

but was also looking at these guys

note Crispy has some as well, but he cant use the KTM logo

Should have gone for a 990 sm.


I don’t hang around :slight_smile:
Oh, nice. They’re a lot cheaper than the ones I’ve seen so far. Hopefully the quality is the same.

You might change your mind about that exhaust once you realise how fecking hot they get!!
They also weigh a ton too

I was happy with the quality of the IR ones. Nice and thick, some minor areas where the decal had to be heated and stretched, but otherwise great.

Definitely want to replace it, just not with something obnoxious. Ideally tunable depending on ride, i.e. loud-ish for fun, bit quieter but better than stock for longer rides.

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apparently wings send you two baffles with their exhaust…
but why not an Akra!? :man_shrugging:

I have the baffle in on my Leo Vince (it was way too loud without) and is quieter than my Triumph at idle. It’s only loud when under load.

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Oh yes. It was Wings who do the two stage baffle. Are they available in the U.K.? I’ve not heard of them before.

Have heard/seen stories of those wings exhausts going pop after a while. There’s a big long thread on adventure rider for the husky version of the KTM and a few people have had problems with theirs.

The akra fits and looks much better. Got one on my 701. Just leave the baffle in if you don’t want it loud. You’ll be robbing the engine of power mind you.

You just bought a brand new bike. Don’t scrimp on the exhaust!

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This is my little lady. Haven’t ridden her for about a year and a half. I’ve only put 2500 miles on it but my daughter’s curtailed my motorcycle plans. Anyway cycling’s cooler than motorbikes :wink:

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Feel free to donate it if it’s not being used :innocent:

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Lol. Then I’d get jealous

Thanks for the tip.

There’s some factory-fit Akrapovic options. Road legal. Wonder if they’re loud enough (queue YouTube video search).

This is the same as the one on mine… Might fit your year?

You can drill the rivet that holds the baffle but need to through the carbon end cap (on the inside edge). Get a guy that knows the bikes to do it and they won’t mess it up. Mine’s finished with a rubber cap that comes with the exhaust I think so looks factory. It sounds amazing. It is loud though. Especially if you run an open air filter too. Dave wood racing can map the ecu for you if you go with a fully open system. Didn’t make a huge amount of difference to mine but peace of mind you’re not running excessively lean.

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Yeah mine has an akra with the baffle drilled out. Not sure if you thought it was too much?

It’s quieter that the CB! :smile: