Buying a Supermoto!

Fyi you can’t use tuneECU on the newer SmcR (and I guess 701) so you have to go down the power commander option.

Congrats! I’ve always wanted one but couldn’t justify as only bike. Happy brapping!

Great choice… If I come back to biking I think it wil be on an SM!

But I might need pan to give me a test ride too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ah that sucks. So much cheaper to get a map straight to the ecu

Cheers guys. Hopefully I can get away without a tune. Would probably run with the baffle in most times (he says). We’ll see.

I’ve seen an Arrow exhaust with de-cat link-pipe for reasonable money on eBay. Used to have an Arrow on the original DRZ and it was a nice bit of kit.

Bigger is always better! :laughing:

Oh, the Arrow doesn’t get very good reviews actually. Akrapovic seems best.

KTM and akros is a well tested combo. In my mind they also look the best as well

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I reckon @Panagiotis not replying to my earlier test ride request has something to do with my LB rideouts history…

He’s actually deleted his account

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Hmmm they must’ve changed the setup. On my 2018 701 the cat was in the silencer so when you switched exhausts you automatically lost the cat. People did choose different link pipes but think it was for weight saving or a bigger bore

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yeah the 19+ models seem very different

A lot of new bikes the catalyst is embedded in the headers.

Probably not a bad thing really as pollution is a thing and loud exhausts mean hassles on track days. They do help car drivers pay attention though but removing a baffle makes em loud enough I suppose.

Don’t know if it’s my old age but when I notice guys with really loud exhausts when I’m out cycling I think it seems a bit chavvy and behind the times!


I used to see a few electric bikes commuting up to London when we were allowed to work up there and some of them sounded cool! Never thought I’d say that as always been in the petrol camp but one guy’s scooter sounded sick and you could hear him coming from a decent enough distance.

They don’t it’s a fallacy, and dangerous assumption. I only have 2011 Skoda Fabia but I had a Harley sitting on the rear right corner of my car doing 70mph, never noticed or heard him until it he “filtered” past myself and the car in the outside lane on the M1.

I did take me by surprise, and newer cars are even better insulated against sound with some cars having double glazed windows.

Maybe that reflects more on you than anything else :joy:

The exhausts on bikes point backwards, so the sound travels in the opposite direction of those you want to hear it. Instead drivers in front only hear the weaker echos as it bounces forward. There is arguably a greater risk in being too loud, because the noise will build suddenly as you get close enough to drivers in front that it is more likely to startle drivers.

But because electric vehicles are required to artificially create noise to make people aware of their presence, they can design it to have the best effect. So they use front pointing speakers and use tones which are more easily distinguishable from background noise so they both increase awareness yet reduce noise pollution.


thanks Michael … didnt know about the forward facing speakers !