Bus Lane Code of Conduct

I am all for motorcycles using bus lanes safely - I want to make this permanent and there is a lot of good advice here - Please add your name below if you are committed to making a success of Boris and his trial.

From the Motorcycle Industry Association -

"Bus Lane Code of Conduct

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson has announced that motorcyclists will be allowed access to London’s bus lanes for a trail period of 18 months, as of 5th January 2009.

If this trial period achieves its objectives of cutting congestion and reducing casualties, it is likely this will become a permanent arrangement and open the door to motorcyclists to access to bus lanes in other parts of the country.
From the 5 January motorcyles will be allowed in most London Bus lanes as part of a trial. We will face opposition from s
It is therefore imperative that motorcyclists use the bus lanes properly and responsibly. The MCI together with support from the Metropolitan Police and riders groups, have produced a Code of Conduct for motorcyclists using bus lanes. The Code covers the TfL rules associated with bus lane use and the etiquette that riders should observe in order to protect and respect cyclists and pedestrians.

click here for the Full Code of Conduct for Motorcyclists in Bus Lanes

The Code of Conduct in brief:

  1. We share bus lanes with other vulnerable road users, take extra care around them.
  2. Be aware of pedestrians walking through traffic queues and at bus stops.
  3. Look out for pedal cycles and give them a wide berth, they may suddenly change direction or position.
  4. Pass cyclists on the offside only – never undertake.
  5. Always assume cyclists cannot hear or see you behind them.
  6. Do not use excessive speed when using bus lanes or overtaking cyclists.
  7. Do not overtake each other.
  8. Watch out for other vehicles at junctions and side roads.
  9. Take extra care when riding alongside congested pavement areas.
  10. We are ambassadors for motorcycling, riding in a bus lane is a privilege that needs to be respected."

sounds pretty sensible m8.

i fear that the problem will lay where motorcyclists overtake another at speed etc.

Brilliant idea, I support this code of conduct 110%.

Thanks for posting this. I will make sure the TLB-ers know about it too.

Good post, we know it makes sence, so it’s up to us to make it work.

Good lot of things but they are things you would do in general riding and deffo when you are filtering.

I find if you assume everybody else is stupid you get along ok.

Indeed, Trust no-one, assume nothing.

At the risk of sounding a bigot, is there a code of conduct for cyclists?

Sorry, silly question.

Asked and answered :stuck_out_tongue:

done and dusted.

Sorry if this makes me sound like an old cynic but that’s cos I am one. I, and I expect the majority of bikers (not just londonbikers) would do all that anyway. There is a minority who wouldn’t, and I suspect won’t, and no ‘code of conduct’ is going to change that. Still, roll on Jan 5th and I would be delighted to be proved wrong.

Common sense TBH. My worry is some of the cyclists are still doing to be lemmings out to kill themselves and the 1% of motorcyclists (regardless of CC or Stroke or Gearing) will be morons regardless of any Bus Lane etiquette code or Highway Code.

I’m not sure how much I’ll use them at all.

Have you seen how much diesel and oil is left in the bus lanes?

I can see that the biggest problem that will be faced in when you want to come out of the bus lane and rejoin the main carriageway, a number of car drivers will see you in their door mirrors and as you start to indicate to rejoin the carriageway I can picture their stressed faces now as they have sat in virtually stationary traffic for a period of time and they will make it as difficult as possible for you to filter in. I hope I am wrong but having spent a number of years driving in London during the peak periods I have witnessed countless acts of driver stupidity towards bikers. I hope I am wrong but I fear that it may cause a problem especially at peak times when the traffic is hardly moving. The majority of bikers will act in a sensible manor but I don’t think it will be the bikers that create the problems I think that it will be a minority of car and van drivers that will cause the problems.

Let’s be careful out there. There’s a whole new set of potential accidents to have. The worst is probably the car going in the same direction as you turning left or parking. They’re looking for a big red thing or big black thing in their left mirror not a motorcycle. Most of the other potential accidents come under the same heading. The other person should be looking at you (which is an improvement) but they’re not looking for a motorcycle, they’re looking for a bus or taxi.

The other thing is that we’ll be closer to parked cars. Watch out for the door opening into your path.

And now we’ve beaten this one, we have to beat Westminster council and their Bike Parking Tax. http://www.notobikeparkingfees.com/

Agreed, I think this is going to be one of the biggest causes of accidents in bus lanes.

Does anyone have a list of the roads affected by the new changes to bus lanes?

Info here

Thanks for that, nice to see most of Mile End Road and Whitechapel Road are included!

It should be interesting to see how long it will take me to get to the borough market meeting on wednesdays!!:wink:

Just a reminder folks, like is says on the front piece to the link posted by buttonmonkey , it’s not all bus lanes, only ones on red routes (TfL) for sure.

After that it’s down to each borough, so do your research or you still risk a decent fine.

Anyone with time on their hands? Do us all a favour and find out which boroughs are following the TfL lead and which are too lazy or have spotted a nice little earner from the confusion.

Are you getting a new bike as well then ? :smiley: