Broke mine too!!

ouch, feel for you rc. it’s very unlucky out there these days. hope the weather changes soon.

ps. get some crash bars fitted to yr bandit. only £15 from ebay, but well worth it!

bloody hell Ginger not replied yet,

sorry to hear about this hun,

if i’m about your welcome to perch on the SV:)

well id offer the pillion ride, only ill be in norn ireland gettin my wheels back :slight_smile:

sorry to hear about your accident, hope the knee isnt too badmakes me mad to hear passers-by just left you too it, esp when it was obvious you would have trouble getting the bike off the road

best to remember the nice lady who stopped to see if you were ok :slight_smile:

i did reply you numpty earlier :):)and im no good carrying pillions i think anyway but i wouldnt mind a date, :w00t::w00t::cool:

Only because you know the poor girl can’t run away:P:D

Sorry to hear about this, rockchic. Glad you’re recovering and that you haven’t lost any of your enthusiasm.

Ginger, shes injured herself, but she aint stupid…lol

Sorry too hear about this , i hope you get better soon and your bike ,people these days so ignorant to life … relax put your feet up Zephy will get you sorted :smiley:

Might see you friday but I’m bikeless too :hehe:

Best wishes for you and the bike.

At least you made it to the road. I can vouch for it being pretty slippery underfoot this morning. I managed to drop my bike just walking it out. Luckily, apart from taking a crash bung to the solar plexus I escaped injury.

Most importantly, I don’t think anyone saw me.

Get well soon, you and the Bandit. Non-bikers can be such [email protected], can’t they? Chin up. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of your off, roads are just to slippery at the moment.

Guess this means france is off?

Nah, that’s the garlic :smiley:

RC. If your paintwork needs attention, I hear Grimbusa does a mean job with a rattle can:D

Très bon Grim, très bon.


bluddy hell hun…thats horrible…and you only just sent me a pm saying get well soon…lol…how spookie is that!!:ermm:.

hope your settleing down ok now hun…i know what its like…lol…and its not nice …but your still here and thats all that counts eh?..

i would offer to the pillion ride but,ummmm…im abit fooked at the mo…lol…so all i can say is get well soon and try and keep your chin up…im feeling your pain toots…i really am…;).

all the best hun…take it easy…


Sorry to hear about yer off, cant believe that noone stopped to help, probably too cold for those rascals to get out of their cages.

GWS and hope the bike gets a decent repair,

damn - so sorry to read this hun. Gald you’re ok but best to get yourself checked out properly and sod work - the cheeky gits :angry:

Hope youre not off the road too long, wonder if fishface will lend you hers until she’s done her cbt :w00t: (Sorry fishface, lol)

Haven’t been on this site for a few days and then when I do get chance for a quick look, 1st Smiled, then Your posts of misfortune!!!

Gutted for ya… I know the feeling… It sucks!