Broke mine too!!

Just on my way to work, pulled out of our road, accelerated and the back end slid out on me. Bashed the bike up big time and I’m a bit bashed up too. :crying:

And the boss is pissed off I’m not coming into work!

Crashed in the middle of the road, in front of two bus stops and shops and stuff and all people did was stare or drive around me! The only person who helped was some random woman walking past! Even when it was blatantly obvious I was injured and the bike was too heavy for us to move, no one else came to help! :angry:

I need my bike fixed :frowning:

Aww really sorry to hear this RC:crazy:

I hope you aren’t too badly hurt.

Cold tyres are tricky fuggers eh?:doze:

I hope you ok. This is London, no one cares. :frowning:

Yeah, I noticed!

Damn! Are you ok?

Hope that you and the bike are back on the road soon.

Oh no!

Hope you’re alright and haven’t done too much damage to yourself.
people do just walk on by… sad world

Sorry to hear this, hope everything heals quickly and the bike is easily reparable.

Man… that sucks. But hey, you got up and brushed ya self down.

People can be real gits at times… I came off on some ice… only doing 20mph or so… skidded down road, bashed me knee. Got up and struggled lifting my XJR1300 with a buggered knee with a que of traffic beeping horns… not one getting out to help.

Hope ya get mended soon.

Ouch, bad luck.

Hope you’re ok and you get your bike up and running again quickly! Always terrifies me that people just stand and watch rather than getting involved and helping people out. Ridiculous that it seems to be the ‘normal’ mentality here…

Rockerchic you know im only round the corner, if you need anything just shout.

hi sorry to hear that.

Hope you are not to badly injured and will mend quickly.

Whats the damage to the bike?

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. :smiley: Still a bit shook up, as its only just happened. But just want to get my bike back on the road.

The boss still expects me to come in today tho, although at the moment I can barely walk! :angry:

If you have hurt your leg you should really get it checked out RC

and the samer applies to me RC

send me a pm if you need anything

Ouch for you and the bike. You cant be too careful, get yourself checked over at the hosp, perhaps your boss may be a tad more sympathetic if they know you are in A&E :slight_smile:

crap, u trying to copy smiled?

hope your ok, tell ur boss to feck off, ur allowed to take the odd sick day, let some people know ur address so we can send the chariots on a wind-up to cheer u up :stuck_out_tongue:

thats bloody ****, whats up with people i would never not stop to help. hope you ok:) mind you saying that some poor bloke fell of in foxs car park sunday, who i presume was his mate sat on his bike n laughed ! . move out to the sticks its much calmer in the morning i can tell you.

Looks like i’v got two bikes to work on at the weekend now, mine and rockerchics:unsure:
Also have to collect fishfaces bike from wycombe :crazy:
Why couldn’t they be normal girlies and not get into all this nasty motorbikery stuff ?:wink:
Just going to drop her down the hospital now [ being an engineer is usefull but may have to start multiskilling as a medic at this rate ]:wink:
Wonder if they will look after me like this when i am old ???:ermm:

Tsk tsk trust you Ginger:cool:

Cheers everyone. I’m just gonna go down the doctors now and get signed off for a few days, don’t want to bother with a and e, but i’ll see what the doc says!

Haven’t really looked at the bike alot yet, couldn’t bear it, but a new chain is the least of my problems now. Indicators both snapped off, one of the twin headlights bent and smashed, took a chunk out of everything on the right hand side of the bike, bent my bars, hopefully not my forks, broken the gasket, oil leaking everywhere, had to get the fire brigade to clean the oil up for me, as didn’t want another biker coming off! The list probably goes on. Oh well, bugg3r!!

If anyone fancies a new pillion friday night ;), if i’m alright and i’m not forced back to work!

Thanks guys, much appreciated! I haven’t even met half the people that have replied yet! :smiley: