Bring The Noise...

Having just got a great new twin I think it’s time to rumble out once more.

If you have an Sv, Vtr, TL, Mille, Duke or any twin cylinder and fancy a rumble out then let’s get rocking…:wink:

Now let’s see how many IL4’s, singles and triples get their knickers in a twist…:w00t:

i git 4 cylinders… twice as much rockin …

If I’ve got the sv built in time I think we should go back to that road I binned it on 3 years ago :slight_smile:

I was there last night, resurfaced, dry and clean.

There is a bit more to that route that we never made it too, needs to be addressed…:wink:

Damn right we need to attack that route again that’s my only outstanding route to get right after an off

Get to work then…:wink:

Where when?

im in

details please :smiley:

Yeah lets do this! details ?

As I’m a new member of the 2-cylinder gang I’d be well up for this…

I’m in guys,when & where…:smiley:

God stuff, nice little group getting lined up.

The route is already sorted but the date is not, just waiting for the weather. Let’s see how next weekend is looking and aim for then.

i am in where an when?

Great news Kev, been a while and I have a bike that has brakes now woohoo…:wink:

I’ll drop the new disks in this week and give it a service so it is ready to go go go…

I don’t think I’m a good enough rider to attend your ******* brilliantly skilled ride guys.

Sorry I wont be there, I’ll be pondering on why you all dislike me.

Who can make Sunday 26th? Day after Assen GP?

I’m off roading that day

Oh, like Pashto ewe did this route…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure that if you all save your pennies really hard, you will be able to afford the extra cylinder…

Haha this time its planned