Bring The Noise...

Can’t make it that day :frowning:

In fact, all my Sundays after this one until the 17th of july have somehow become booked. FFS. Out-of-town weddings and stag dos. People are so bloody selfish. :wink:

Sorry at Silverstone with a million MG’s…

Sorry dude,cant make that date or the w/end after…

can i turn up and be really slow :smiley:

mine is tecnically a 400cc v twin, but may only be a 200cc single some of the time :unsure:

Well sadly it seems like nobody can really make that weekend oh well not a good showing for the twin boys and girls :frowning:

Come on Dunc!!!
Choose another weekend. I’m spending too much time on my MV… Need an excuse to get the TL out;):P:D

I think i will come…but i will be on an IL4, as a founding member i think its only right i should come whatever i am riding:D

Lets get the Superdukes guzzling gas . when is it again? :smiley:

I’ll come if its dry ! :smiley:

80 miles to a tank is perfectly respectable… :smiley:

Welcome to the 3 day rule massive!!!..pmsl :D:D:D

P-twins are not welcome.
Also 600cc IL4’s are not welcome… They are a puny 150cc per cylinder!
Not enough CC’s!!

Well batboy can’t make this weekend or the following so maybe Saturday the 9th of July.

How does that suit…

Sorry Ratty, rules is rules…:smiley:

L twins any good ?

Its a droopy V Twin but it will do;):P:D

Give it a bit of stimulation and it may rise to the occasion, as far as I am concerned all twins are welcome. Along as they sound better than ‘The Cheeky Girls’ :wink: