thats 2.3k for bike and trailer

2K For Van (if you need it)

Platinum for £2750

so that is 7K, 4K to get yourself a semi-decent car, or keep your current one, rest on petrol and hotels for next year…

easy as…now where did I put that extra cash I have…:blink:

I use my R6 all the time but have a 2.0FSI Audi A3 for when I’m playing football and can’t be asked to ride home with all that gear in a rucksack.

I understand your predicament with your old man but personally If I were you I’d get another sportsbike and a nice Audi or something equivilant like a BMW, obviously not a brand new one, but an 05 wouldn’t set you back too much. I couldn’t cope without my R6 or a sportsbike for that matter. Good luck with your choice.

I’d have to agree with this. Although I don’t ride my bike everywhere I wouldn’t be without it. Heck, even if I don’t use is I’m still able to choose whether I can or not. I would not, however, be without a car for all sorts of reasons. It’s funny I become like Jekyll and Hyde when I switch vehicles. When I’m in the car I’m a lot more sedate and calm. When I’m on the bike, a red mist decends over my vision and everything becomes a challenge :slight_smile:

other than a Hummer or a Ford F650 wouldnt get me off my bike

nothing would satisfy my need for speed other than a bike

4x4 would get my mind away from speed…for a month or two :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, I know it exceeds the 15k limit…

I’d say get a nice EvoVI with a tow bar and spend the rest on a track bike and trailer. The change can go in the Trackday Fund;)

Mark (30/10/2007)

E46 M3? R32 Golf?I’d love a TVR Cerbera (in black) heres an example I just found on ebay, its yellow tho £13k circa at the mo[/quote]As long as it’s no racing green underneath, you’re ok. My brother wrote his off and then saw some numpty driving around in it a couple of years later :stuck_out_tongue:

keti (01/11/2007)

It must happen all the time. Even though my insurance co. had ‘written off’ my bike it will be going back on the road again no doubt, not that they would sell it back to me… it was mostly cosmetic. So I sent back the V5 back with the box ticked to say it was scrapped and they got snotty with me saying I would only get the scrap value for it. What a load of rubbish, it was fully insured so I should get the book value even if they just got a big twisted metal lump of paperweight back. If it was stolen they’d have got sweet f.a. anyway and still had to pay out. Insurance are just on the con. They sell it on to a scrap dealer and they put it back on the road. I’d have been better off saying it was stolen and broken the bikes for parts.

M3 E36.

easy dont ride in london as its ****, use your bike out on the open road or do more track days,you can get yourself a big fast car then what? nice sunny day go for a drive to the coast to sit in the traffic? go anywhere and sit in traffic!

petrol’s over £1 a litre what size engine is your car going to have to give you the same performance your r1 gave you? and how much is that going to cost you to run? a hell of a lot more than an r1 would!

end of the day just because your bike can go 170mph dont mean you HAVE to do 170mph the throttle works both ways! :wink:

It did 186 actually :wink:

186mph on track or road…?!?

Are you sure? Mine doesn’t! Unless it’s a genetic defect I have in my elbow causing it to be too heavy to to keep the throttle shut.

Same problem I have in my right foot too. Far heavier than then normal and I can’t keep the accelerator up. :smiley:

You are not going to get that out of the bike on track, unless you go to Santa Pod or Bruntingthorp. Best I had was about 160 at Silverstone.

On behalf of the LB Car/Van Club we look forward to welcoming you to our happy band:)

Real world top speed is about 175 (189 indicated) and you can get close to that at Snetterton.

have you checked out the ariel atom? closest thing to a bike, but with 4 wheels…although no bootspace/weather protection
o yeha there’s the campagna t-rex…kawasaki 1400cc engine strapped into a trike with one massive wheel at the back and 2 wheels at the front…that also has a roof :smiley:

prob wouldnt be good car’s if you’re looking at bmw type vehicles, but if you still want a feeling close to that of a bike, they are the closest things i think!