I’ve not got a particularly good record on bikes. After coming off the last one my parents have said they really don’t want me to get another, so my father said how much is it going to cost to persuade me not to get another… so it got me to thinking. How much would it cost to bribe you and what you could get. I’m thinking something like a Z350, could get a nice 3 series BMW. Porsche Boxsters are quite reasonable. Audi TT V6? Something with a bit of oomph. All for less the 15k. I don’t need a family car, no kids.

I can’t believe that you would even consider it. Every time I filter past a real nice looking Ferrari or Merc 500 AMG I think to myself yep you probably could beat me but not while you sat behind that Nissan Micra.

lol i have to admit its a tempting offer…in the summer i was looking to upgrade my car from a 1.4 8v polo to a 1.8t audi a3, the cars so bloody fast and sexy looking…but then i thought, im going to be paying 200 +road tax…god knows how much servicing cost. and lets not even get started on pertrol for what? the oppertunity to get stuck in traffic like i did in my old car?..didnt make sense… but i reckon if uve had a couple off and its put u off fair enough! had a car crash and that stopped me “loving” driving cars for a bit…

I’ve always fancied an Audi RS4 as a “reasonable dream car”.More than any other car I would love an Aston Martin Vantage (preferrably a Le Mans vantage). Not a DB though. I may be swayed by a Vanquish S (but I’d have to see it first!). The new Vantage is rather nice, but again I’d have to see it in the flesh first.

Another car I’ve always wanted is a Toyota Supra twin turbo, but it would need a manual gearbox. I hate auto’s.

That being said, where I live, driving is an option. Driving in London, well the very thought of it brings me out in a rash. I would also hasten to add that I would NEVER be without a bike, which is why I’m glad I bought it outright before I met my wife :DI guess that means I couldn’t be bought then :ermm:

I only had a sportsbike for blasting around the countryside anyway. I can’t think of any other reason to have one other then it was just for fun. I’ve still got an old rat bike for riding around town, so I am not giving up biking. I’m not going to be doing much driving into or around London. It will be more of a weekend toy. So when you say filtering past I guess you mean at traffic lights.

First post might be a little misleading, they don’t want me on a hypersport bike - litre bikes or similar. I don’t think they would expect me to give it up completely.

Looked at RS4, they start something like 25k. Don’t think he’d be that generous.

If you really must, then a Honda S2000 is pretty tasty, revs to 9000 rpm so almost bike like, the rear end can be a bit loose so you can slide round a bit and it’s not bad overall. Another option would be a TVR Chimaera, the Rover V8 engined model, the chassis can be a bit rusty but the rest is reasonable to keep running and Grimbusa would be a great choice to look after it for you :wink:

I’ve gone from cars to bikes and there is no comparison, I’ve only got a 600cc bike but to get the same performance from a car you’d need a kit car like my other car (Dax Rush, bit like a Westfield but with a Hayabusa engine not a car engine ) or to spend serious cash on something like a top Porsche, Noble or a modern TVR but the servicing and repair bills will be huge.

Most cars, even those that appear to be quick on paper like the TT really are lumbering lumps on the road, not fast at all, that’s why I got rid of my fancy car and built the kit car. Even the M3 E43 is a bit lardy and heavy.

Nuts - are you the guy who said to us in the Brazen Head when we arrived in a V8 that cars were for lightweights? :Whistling::stuck_out_tongue:

Get them to buy a transit van, track bike, spares and a focused events unlimited track day pass, all of which would come to less than 15K…keep yer rat bike and go weekending on the track :slight_smile:

nutsy…ur on the wrong forum mate…

you should be on


E46 M3? R32 Golf?

I’d love a TVR Cerbera (in black) heres an example I just found on ebay, its yellow tho £13k circa at the mo

one of my mates who has been riding for years has just done this. sold his 06 blade and got an E46 M3, ffs i mean who needs more cars on the road :slight_smile:

And a lovely car it is too :cool: drool

He might sell it again when he realises just how much traffic he’s sitting about in - really winds me up when I have to drive anywhere.

having a few of my own i can see and am wondering the same thing.

yes debs it is nice BUT in london a pain in the a-se

Traitor! Spend the money on advanced training, or do more trackdays! Jeez!

Yes, I think he should lend it to me to drive around here :wink:

with the roof up or down .

Well I guess that would make me a lightweight too.

Wouldn’t really have thought about a TVR. Know a guy that had one and it broke down after about 300 miles. Has to be Jap or German I reckon. He chopped his in for Mizubishi Evo 7 FQ3000 :unsure: think I’ve got the name right :smiley:

S2000, hmmm its just a Civic tyre R in a different frock.

and Shane, knowing your record… WHERE IS YOUR CAR!? :wink:

They never said anything about not having a track bike… :Whistling:

So that would be two cars, a van and two bikes :w00t: hmm, maybe I should rethink this.