I cannot agree with this more!!


S2000 are rear wheel drive :smiley: That’s why they drift 'em :wink:

Well I know that its RWD but I was thinking of something 3L+ V6

How many LBers have come a cropper over the last 18 months… think about it and for all those that put a post up what about those that have skulked about in the background who didn’t admit to it. I know a few of them…

So hardly a Civc in a different frock then eh?

You’ve had few crashes as have others and your hinting we should all give up riding? :ermm: Only a small percentage have IMO :slight_smile:

Also a completely different engine :stuck_out_tongue: There’s several off the shelf supercharger conversions for it too which take it from 240 to 320 or so bhp, which will be required for it to be fast.

Some fat lardy chavvy Audi or Mercedes ? You’re having a laugh :wink: You drive one of those and you’ll be reaching for your pipe and slippers within a week and your hair will turn grey :w00t:

You’ve got to define what you mean by fast first of all, is a Civic Type R fast for you ?

Do you want a roof ?

no roof = slower.My brother said best car he’d driven was a Mondeo with a V6 lump, torque is great :slight_smile:

It is the same engine but with a different head on it. If I wanted balls out performance I’d have the Ariel Atom, but want something a bit more solid that can drive all year round. I haven’t driven Type R but my parents have the Sport version. Can’t say it floats my boat. Couldn’t live with front wheel drive, it has to be RW or 4x4.Maybe I am getting lardy and middle aged, I like my comfort!

Not saying people should give up, just take a step back and consider your options.

Did an IAM driver coarse (gets pipe and slippers out) guy said I was excellent driver, he’s never seen me on a bike :stuck_out_tongue: Takes off normal head and puts on mental cap!

OK, then you maybe need to drive a V8 BMW 5 series if you like the torque a V6 Mondeo has, or even a Jaguar, there are a lot of cheaper V8 Jaguars around, very smooth and comfortable and plenty of torque and a roof.

Jags are a bit more of my old mans taste. I could see myself in a pimped out 5 series with some nice dubs, tinted windows pimp stylie :smiley:

Bit too expensive but an Aston Martin DB7 for new Mondeo V6 money:

BMW M5 400bhp V8 for £14k:

2005 Ford Mustang V6 4.0L:

Lotus Esprit:

Maserati 3200 with Ferrari V8:

Mercedes CLK55 AMG:

TVR Cerbera:

i hear what you are saying but cant agree with you, depending how you ride is a big factor, ok some car drivers cant drive either, take flatout as an example wicked ride out led 40 odd bikes at a speed, then falls out of a plane, its just my way of thinking.

I ride it like I stole it, can’t help it. Just gotta keep taking risks. That is what it is all about, take one too many risks and you find yourself in deep doodoo. I don’t do nice and steady very well.

Yslart (30/10/2007)

Bit too expensive but an Aston Martin DB7 for new Mondeo V6 money: M5 400bhp V8 for £14k:

2005 Ford Mustang V6 4.0L:

Lotus Esprit:

Maserati 3200 with Ferrari V8:

Mercedes CLK55 AMG:

TVR Cerbera:[/quote] That TVR, just like I said 30k service costs! plus a full engine rebuild and you don’t even get any warranty… no thanks!

If you’re not too badge concious & want something big & cushy with oodles of rear wheel power, consider a Holden.

Guy I work with had one, nice car, pretty solid, bits & servicing are reasonable as is purchase price 'cos at the end of the day it’s a Vauxhall.

With a 5.7 litre V8 it’s not exactly cheap to keep fueled up though…

IIRC correctly his was dynoed at 400BHP with just exhaust & intake mods.

You know it makes sense…just dont mention carbon footprint…

ive bought a pick up truk, 5 seats a tow bar and a nice bed for bits and pieces so going to trailer the zx7r i am going to get…to track and ride it around and around and around, well you know what i mean…

I have a few cars but would go by bike more than car…would never drive in london waste of time and money…

I’m loving Elad’s suggestion :smiley: You could have a pimped out van and a great track bike with £15k. Maybe even enough change for an ‘ok’ practical car.

you should try driving an s2000 mate. they are anything but slow, feel very balanced, rear suspension was sorted in 03/04 i think to make it less tail happy. ride is sporty but not jarring, would almost go as far as saying its comfortable. defo rapid and very precise steering. doesn’t give you the ‘i’ve got a rediculous size engine’ value admittedly. you’re quite ‘in’ the car with low seating position and cockpit style feel. can feel a little cramped at times for people our height. Civic type R is such a different car.