Brands trackday crash

a good example of how not to overtake on the track!!!

Strange…Was it braking on dirty part of the track that did it or rear tyre caught some crap? :unsure:

lol seriously?

he’s tried to pass everyone down the left, got carried away and outbraked himself, braked too hard whilst the bike was still at an angle, tucked the front and skittled the other bloke. you’re not gonna be happy being the other guy!:w00t:

looks like its a novice or inters group?

Same thing happened a few weeks ago, chap came steaming up to Druids on the inside overtaking a couple of people who were on the right line, decided at the last minute that he couldn’t turn at the speed he was still doing because he was in the wrong place so braked hard whilst turning in and lost the front, took out the chap he’d just overtaken too. Deserved a bit of a slap for that.

+1 JB, the guy was just too fast into the corner by far, panic braked and locked the front.

What a twat! Two bikes he’s gotta pay to be repaired!

you do get some over eager numptys out there, i was first out of the pits in july for brands gp, i just managed to get round ‘Graham Hill’ before the red’s were out, turns out, some prat came steaming out of the pit exit and gone straight into the top of ‘paddock’, didn’t even make the turn, how is that possible ??!?!?! :w00t:

Whats the deal with crashes on trackdays (other than try not to:)). I know its your risk if you go on a track but is there gentlemans agreement if you cause a crash you pay for the other bikes too?

Now THAT’s a stormingly top question that should be raised at EVERY trackday.

I know there’s a whole thing about your own risk, but if some [email protected] was to do that to me, I know I’d be expecting him to cough up BIG TIME. To all you experienced track-dayers out there, is there accepted etiquette in effect, or not?

looks like there is some more detail in the comments section - first lap apparently, nice way to ‘warm your tyres’ doing hero braking moves. dunno toby - never seen it happen to anyone i know

yeah the comments say that the guy that caused it tried to say it wasnt his fault!! what a prat!

quite funny with the one querying how nick could be overtaken by someone travelling on his ass :smiley:

Seems fair to me Ian, it was the bikes fault obviously!! :wink:

how would you stand with that, obviously the guy was at fault but your not insured so i guess you’d have to take civil action against him if he couldn’t cough up??

I’d guess your only recourse would be against the TD organiser, you’d probably need to show negligence, for example somebody riding dangerously in a couple of sessions, reported by a couple of other riders but TD organiser chooses to do nothing then that chap takes you out. You could argue that the organiser is at least partially liable for not taking action against a dangerous rider.

Being legally able to do it and doing it in practice are two different things and I doubt you’d ever make it stick. Focused events is the kind of compay that makes you want to do it though, the arrogance of their staff is irritating at the very least and they always seem to refuse group changes.

That sort of nonsence will kill off trackdays totally, if you are worried about it take out your own insurance. at the end of the day you sign the indemnity (sp) form and agree to the T&C’sI think there have been several cases involving serious injury where someone has tried to take legal proceedings against the TDO or the guilty party, not sure of the outcome though.

what groups were you trying to move between? if its between inters and novice its a largely pointless move as there is overlap anyway. MSV will limit the number of riders that they allow out on track at any given time and more so for tracks like brands indy that are shorter - they cant necessarily just move you because you want to (unless you’re saying you were say dangerously slow in inters?). for the record, i’ve been present when they have changed people around when people from both groups wanted to it even the TDO that monitors the track from the cameras - i was under the impression it was the inhouse staff which for the majory tracks are employed by MSVi’ve been on trackdays where i’ve found it necessarily to mention a rider to the marshalls where they were being a nonce, and i saw them go speak to themi’m pretty sure that the whole point of track riding is that it is at your own risk, and you definitely are signing to that effect. you’re told over an over at the briefings, and are shown a flipping sign as you go out to warm your tyres, do sighting laps, build up pace. if someone ignores all that and rides like a this guy did, how is that the TDO’s fault?not trying to defend FE especially, but i’ve done quite a few days with them and enjoyed them all myself

Nah sorry guys, bit of a tangent, I was just wondering if there was any accepted etiquette, like if you punt someone off for a really crap move, you offered to help cover damage to his bike… like spilling someone else’s pint…

Obviously it would depend on how honest you were, the extent of the damage, and other stuff too, but is there like a “friendly code” amongst track-dayers, or is it generally accepted that you’re out there, the risk is yours…

I’m only thinking in cases like the one in the vid. There is NO two ways about it, on a warm up lap cooking it like that there was clearly only one person at fault, so should he have stood up and gone, “Christ mate, my fault, I’ll help cover whatever repairs cost”, or what?

Its a race track your risk entirely…unless you have insurance…then its their risk…but cause is no help whatsoever…he may have made a bad move, and I guess he knows that now but to be fair in many respects you learn most when you do make those silly mistakes…

Now if he came out planning to take someone out you might have a case but he didnt fall off on purpose nor did he fall off to take anyone else out…it was an accident, avoidable with more experience maybe and with a bit more common sense but an accident all the same…

The guy who got taken out must have been well annoyed but other than having a go at the bloke there isnt a lot he can do…

I believe there used to be a gentlemans agreement, but like most things in society this has gone to the way-side and we’re now just a bunch of individuals rather than a collective (in the broader sense of biking perhaps, not within LB of course), so people seem to not want to take responsibility for their actions.

Though I think most of us would agree that if you hit someone, it’s your responsibility to help the other person in any way they might need. Luckily this sort of thing is quite rare.

Of course, if you had evidence of their wrong-doing, you could perhaps go down a legal route if you were sufficiently clued up.