brands on Thursday...anyone else going

I will be there on the Red R1…

I know your keen 2strokes but arriving a day early is pushing it:D

Anyway I’ll be there on Thursday to look after you, got my new CBR600RR to try out:cool:

am so keen, of course i mean thursday…

I edited the title so you don’t forget mate :wink:

Have fun, take the 10R and use B’s skills to help you out on a few sessions :slight_smile:

hey good one afro…

wont be there as my 2stroke has blew up

have fun!

bring the 10R. B will sulk all day if he doen’t get a go on it!

bummer what do you mean blew up…holed a piston, rings gone, crank gone, seals gone, whats happened to it…

poor ol stace!!! hopefully ul get it sorted soon so u dont miss out on to much track time

hopefully we don`t have another monsoon season like last year

looking awful for next week if your doing the LB day…if it rains I wont be going out on the track…no point to me…dont want to go fast, or even faster in the rain…

its not just about going fast its about learning to be a better rider. and you learn a thousand times more in the wet too. Especially on road tyres…just take it steady…keep it smooth…and you’ll love it!"!

if anyone wants a set of scrubbed racetecs ready to go i can bring the to the LB day…65£ a set

brands is pretty grippy in the wet 2strokes, its still fun

got some wets to try out too this time anyway…:smiley:

riding in the wet sucks.

only if you’re a wuss :wink:

I absolutely love riding in the wet. And i’m quite sure i’m not alone.

From what Jay was saying at Donington and Brands wet track days last year, riding on wets gives enough confidence to almost ride the same way you do in the dry.

If you’re taking a bike(s) on the trailer for the LB day, might be worth getting a spare set of tyres with wets fitted if you’re adamant that the rain will mean you don’t go out on track.

sounds handy, how do you fit wets to tyres exactly? :stuck_out_tongue:

what a day… four seasons in one. Sun, rain, more sun, torrential rain, hail and thunder, a bit more rain and some more sun, oh and a bit of rain too.

Most of the sessions were damp or full wet, although I managed to have a big slide in the one dry session of the day just before the big downpour.

Thanks for the tips B. Must work on that line around Clearways. Clearways 1, Jamie 1. We’ll just call it a draw for now.

will there be wets to buy on the day if so how much fitted??

what a cracking day and to all those that i said i would not go out in the rain i lied…I absolutely loved it,it fantastic, and to all those who i said i love my vipers, i now love the 2ct’s especially in the rain…Just had a copmplete blast of a day with B giving me some of his expert attention…anyone who wants to improve get this man to take a look…

I still have a great deal of respect for the wet weather but you can ride fast and safe in the wet…am amazed…oh and let us have a few piccies if you can jamie…good to meet you a well…

Sounds like you all had a good day. B’s defo the man to ask for any riding coaching but thats pretty much common knowledge by now. Watch his line down Paddock hill thats where you see the knowledge and class of his riding.

The wet is all about being smooth. If your smooth then chances are you’ll be fast, you just need to concentrate 100%. The wet is mentally draining more than it is physically draining.

Can’t wait to get back out on the GP circuit at BSB in a few weeks brands is just awesome:w00t: