brands on Thursday...anyone else going

all so true sammo but its my foruth track day and my first run in the wet and B has imparted some of his knowledge onto me and moved me up a few tens of track days in experience …awesome…totally awesome…just got to try and keep the smoothness through out now…

cant say it enough thanks B…

Sorry if I brainwashed you 2strokes…I thought you were going to be a challenge to get out in the rain and a challenge in the dry coming to think of it.:smiley:

Some riders respond better than others to tuition but credit where it’s due, you had to go out on track, ride the bike and make things happen.

I can honestly say that your progress in a few sessions was the most I’ve seen since I started instructing:cool: That was a real buzz for me.

The hard work begins now and you have to nurture and maintain that discipline and self control. Nice one!

Jamie (nuts) you were ‘on it’ very quick, glad you escaped your Clearways moment. By all accounts it was a close one but entertaining, well for the spectators anyway. I miss my 750 now after having a few sessions on yours. Track tyres and racing suspension is on the shopping list for my new CBR600 now.:cool:

going out in the rain forced me to be smooth and heed what you were saying but heck we did fly even on the wet track…so my confidence went back up and that helped even more…but.likely I have added say 15 or 20 track days worth of self learning in one day…I say to anyone get a days tuition and watch your ride improve dramatically.But also I had one brilliant time, I hated seeing that Chequered flag ever time he brought it out…seemed like we had only just started…

Brilliant - great to hear people saying things like that. I feel the same way everytime i ride.

2stroke I agree with what B said. I thought you’d be hard work on track (and off) but he was so happy with the progress you made, he couldn’t stop raving about it. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve posted some pics up on his Flickr account, just click the link in his sig. If you want a CD it is £10 plus £2 for every image… no hang on that was Focus Events TOG and they are really poor quality, what a rip off :rolleyes:

Ten years ago that was always the case for me Sam, now it’s often “Where’s that bloody flag, my knees / hands/ neck * are bloody killing me!”*delete as applicable.

lol when you next out on the big katoom Peterpan?

hey Jamie, glad you were surprised…you shouldnt let my rants on here let you think that is me…they are opinions. Opinions are voiced so that people can offer alternative opinions so that a workable concensus can be achieved…its called debate,

trouble is a lot of people on here take it all personally and think its a dig at them and then start having a go at people…I dont…I just put a view point…and its not necessarily my personal viewpoint, just the other side of a discusion…

B gave me info I didnt have, and was unlikely to achieve without many many more track days…and just maybe a few more offs. I am not saying I wont have any more offs as I will push the limits at times, and I am still a novice to track days…I may ride fast but I have only done 4 days, and one of those I came off.

B has taught me how to go faster, for sure, but more importantly safer and cleaner…that is worth its weight in gold…

I had a bit of a nightmare with the video. For some reason the session recorded by B has disappeared, so you’ll just have to do with mine.

You’ll need to be a Facebook member to view it. If you don’t have Facebook I suggest you sign up. It is not difficult. I could put it on pootube or Google video but they compress the file so it would loose a lot of detail and looks rubbish.

thats a bummer…was looking forward to seeing something of how I ride…will get myself a camera I think…but still wont help me analyse my riding style…

Your not doing the LB day are you?

It was a pity the footage was lost, the camera gave incredible results when it was mounted on the tank. The camera gave the impression I was almost off track or on the grass as the apexes were clipped. Thought I had loads of laps when following you too.There’ll always be another time though. I’ve got a digital recorder with a 520 pen cam you’re welcome to use. The only problem is I’m not great at setting it up, could bring it to Brands though.

is true for sure…there will be other days…am looking into getting myself a system…on the trawl now but it will likely have to wait until after June…

Sam, the big ORANGE love machine will be out at Brands indie, Weds 7th May for a open pitlane day.

I’m planning to try and get a bit better through the clearways section, entrance and mid corner phase.

If I don’t remember that I’ll just be riding it like I stole it!(It’s a bit late in life to be frettin’ over the odd second, besides if I was desperate to be faster I’d buy a bike built for the task in hand.)

can’t get out of work.