Bought my first car

M Reg Mitsubishi FTO GR in black.
72000 miles
168 BHP V6 engine (2 less than my bike :wink: ).

Not bad for under a grand.

Gonna mostly be used by the missus. I’ll be using it to get experience for passing my test. Have had a provisional licence for about 11 years now :smiley:

Probs not the best idea for a novice, but I can actually drive…Just didn’t bother to continue pursuing the licence when I got my bike licence.

Anyway…Some pics.





Nice mate, I’m liking the Walnut Bur trim.

Look at the zorst on that thing!


Yep…Just need some furry dice to go with the mahoosive exhaust and I can turn up at the Ace for chav night :laugh:

thats photoshoped! :smiley:

i think ur a bit old 2 be a boy racer. all you need is a burburry cap. see you down southend m8

I practically live down Southend now mate as the missus is about 2 miles away.

I’ve had to fit in with the locals :wink:

hehe yeah nice 'zorst!!! Crikey man bet it’s louder than your bike !

Dash is very, erm, posh. very you :cool:

Never mind the dice I think it needs neons underneath then you’ll really fit in!

Out of interest what’s the insurance with you as a named driver on L -Plates


Nice wheels Afro :slight_smile:

Pleased your going for 4 wheels mate, we’ll all feel safer on the rideout’s :smiley:

Lovely jubbly :wink:

oops, forgot to put this up…



Very nice m8. Must be the season for buying cars. Just put a deposit on one which will be mine, my other car will be used by Dave once he passes his car test…same as you m8, full bike licence for other 20 years and although he can drive, just never bothered to pass his test. I got him to do it so he can collect his kids from Newbury rather than relying on me or wasting £30+ on train tickets.

Once the car is paid for and collected on Wednesday I’ll have 2 cars and 2 bikes…am I mad!? Did someone mention a credit crisis in the UK! :w00t:

dont look too bad mate!

bet its nippy…in first pic front tyre looks flat tho mate ?

Wicked car innit bruv.:smiley:

nice car mate… and for less than a grand its a steal…
these imports are well sought after aren’t they?
btw who you insuring with? (if its an import)

as’it got a dump’valve tho bruv:D

Not unless " Itchipussi " have started fitting turbos to FTO’s these days :smiley:

under a grand?..thats cheap…;).

hope you enjoy it mate…fookin cager:ermm:.


Does sound good VFM - surely the thing would " break " for more than that ??