Bought another DR-Z 400 S!

Ten years ago some scroat stole my beloved rebuilt and modified DRZ400. I loved that bike and miss it till this day.

I was keeping my eye out on various groups in case it turned up somewhere but it never did of course, but on one of those groups a for sale post came up and I jumped on it. Well now I’m the happy owner of a 20 year old DRZ that’s lived a life off-road by the looks of it.

Some resto work to do to bring it up a notch, ie foot peg issues, missing fasteners, etc. I won’t go as hardcore on this as I did with the last one as that was a road bike as I plan on taking this one green-laning with @B so it’s going to take some scratches and scrapes no doubt :slight_smile:

Might have to get a slightly quieter exhaust though as it’s bloody loud! Took it for a test ride and boy it brought that old DRZ smile back to my face :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal::scream::rofl:

Oh, and expecting some pain with the insurance… I was slightly surprised to be asked to pay £88. LOL. Cheapest insurance I’ve ever had. Bangernomics as a friend said to me.


Nice let me know when you’re out in the lanes I’ll come and join ya. @IMORTAL_Indian & @Boris are also DRZ owners and frequent the lanes :smiley:

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Whoop whoop DRZ massive!

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Very nice! Enjoy the mud.

But that basketball hoop is definitely not regulation height @Jay

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how else is he going to dunk?!

I wonder if he’s been watching The Last Dance and decided to emulate

I am! its great!!

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Will do mate!

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Time to service my KTM and unsorn it.
Be good to catch up with you guys.

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I’m in the process of buying a house in The Lake District, will be getting a green laner project when I move for sure


that sounds like an invite to me. I’ll buy one just for that!

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You plan on moving permanently out of the south east?

Yep, better quality of living, can work on my Mountaineering and outdoors stuff, hope to get involved with mountain rescue. The 4 bed house were hoping to secure is just over the £200K mark & being in the NHS my wages don’t drop much, plus great biking roads it’s a win win all round


I’ve still got your gear lever @B

Cheers Gav. Glad it saved the day for you.

Out of interest, what part of the Lake District are you looking at?
Me and my other half are both NHS down here as well and are looking at moving up that way as I’m from up there originally but everywhere I’ve looked at the house prices seem to be getting on to the same levels as the South East!

We’re looking at a new development in Workington, I’m not sure how prices compare to what they should be but for us it’s super affordable

Workington used to be a bit crap when I lived in Carlisle 20 years ago but they’ve spent a lot on the place and it seems nice now.
Cockermouth also looks really nice now from what I saw up there last year.

who wouldnt want to live in cockinhermouth!?