Borough Market Meet Tonight!

No doubt you’re all planning on coming down to the BMM meet tonight? Yes, I thought so. As we’re getting bigger and bigger and the weather is getting better, we need to work with the residents of Stoney Street to ensure we can stay there and don’t cause any trouble for them, which in turn would be trouble for us (have you tried keeping a good bike meet venue in our metropolis, it’s nearly impossible!).

Please Don’t Park In Front Of The Market Porter Pub!

We do a great job of not parking in front of the Wheatsheaf pub, but we need to ensure we’re also not parking in front of the Market Porter as there’s been a case of us taking up their customer space.

For reference, here’s the Market Porter pub in the background with their customer space. Please don’t park there or get unnecessarily close to their patrons. We’ve been good up until now and just need to bear this in mind so we don’t get seen as unsociable bikers who don’t listen to anyone, as we all know that isn’t true! :slight_smile:

See you all down there later!

damn i didn’t wash my bike… any way i need some good photos of the RR on the gallery Jay can we make that happen?:smiley:

Also where the hoarding comes out and half blocks the road we should not be parking there either. Not only does it put your bike at risk of getting knock, it narrows the road even more and as you have seen there are a number of large vehicles, cagers and lemmings passing down the road.

see you tonight

Im there tonight just gathering a few peeps.

so where do u want us to park,

Will be there in spirit - mines a pint :smiley:

not in front of Wheatsheaf
not in front of Market Porter
not in front of building site hordings
not on otherside under the BM roof
oops forgot one, not in front of florist when the remember to put out cones etc…

s’going to be hard to park :wink:

it gets my goat a bit as i see myself as a local, been working a stones throw from BM for nearly 8 years and live just down the road

Market Porter is a shadow of the pub it once was and the Wheatsheaf is a dive but they aren’t as bad as the Anchor just down the road

shame BM got shirty about parking really, i suppose it only takes us p**ing off the pubs a few times before they call the council to enforce the parking restrictions :ermm: they think the own the road

you forgot the dreaded flower shop…that’s why i get there early to park legit like:P

excellent! that means you won’t be on your bike today, thus i will take your parking space :smiley:

why do BM have still have an outstanding objection to parking on the right? surely it benefits the shop owners, BM and us alike?

there’s that and the fact all the stalls have packed up when most people turn up not like we’re impacting on them a single bit.

i dont get it either…

where are we supposed to park then??, cos at the mo its sounds like first come, first parked, the rest will be a bit stuck!!

We’re victims of our own success. It’s more or less a year since we arrived at Borough. At the time I was in contact with Borough Market. They’ve had specific issues with bikers falling / slipping on Market property and at the time they were dealing with two seperate claims on the subject.

It’s been a while since it was discussed however I’m trying to get them to discuss our presence at a trustee meeting to try and get us a bit of a foothold. There are other areas of the market too but again we need their agreement to use them and we rely on members doing their bit and working within increasingly difficult parking conditions. The effort is appreciated.

The message is bear with us - it’s not ideal but if we just park where we want to we’re an easy target and easily got rid of.

We are looking for alternatives and solutions and of course welcome any ideas / suggestions for meet venues from you guys

I have just had a thought!! and I’m sure everyone will agree, why don’t we buy the pub in question! this solves all the problems…

The we could rename the pub to something like The London Biker

The London Biker Hut…it’s good a certain ring to it;)

I’ve not got uni tonight so I’ll be out to play :smiley: It been ages sine I’ve been to BMM so I’ll be feeling like a newbie :w00t:

i know a few of us can park just beyond the pub on the right??

maybe tonite we can have a look for some possible future parking spot??

well when i say we i may not make it tonite!?

why dont we all just park down the road near the dungen…?

no pubs…no shops…no worries…


Shane where is this dungen you speak of?

his back yard where he keeps all his bitches :wink: