Borough Market Meet Tonight

Just a reminder.

i will have discs from Roys ride, also keyrings and stickers

cool! cheers

Not sure about tonight peeps, The Sperz are on telly.

hopefully be there about 9, depending on work but the way works going today…well f00k work!

Will show up! Andy, you have a PM mate . . . .

not about tonight, have other plans. Don’t miss me too much eh :stuck_out_tongue:

waiting for the summer before i go there, 2 far in this cack weather :smiley:

Chunky the award winning FWB bites his lip

But I thought you were a roughie toughie AWB Steve;):smiley:

after me arse chewing the seat for grip last night, contemplating joining the fwb camp :stuck_out_tongue:

I will not be there tonight as I have a distinct lack of bike!! damn it!

will be there about half 6

See you all there:D


leavin within the hour :smiley:

won’t make it tonight, will try next week to see u all! :slight_smile:

I planned to go tonight (my workplace is only half a mile away), but work had other plans for me!

Will be there next week for the first time, and need to buy some stickers and keyrings too.

well im still at work:angry:…so no bmm for me neither…boooooooo:pinch:

well im not at work, but did fall asleep and wake up about 7.15pm so no bmm for me this week

ill be there next week

Nice to see the usual crowd and some extras. I was chuffed to bits with my ‘ride’ in Broady’s Company car :wink:

RR, thanks in advance for the Tyre kit.

See you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday morning!

Curtis you didn’t get pulled over as soon as you left did you?