Borough Market Meet Tonight

Oooo, i bet you wish you went out? to build yer hopes up then at the last minute, BAM! your outta europe.

good to see some of there again this week, sorry about stickering up the 2 company vehicles tonight, but dont worry i wont charge you both.

well i had to do it as ginger was not there to do it.

Good work fella!:stuck_out_tongue:

home safe…glad to see everyone tonight…

see ya’ll saturday!!!:smiley:


lustfish (12/03/2008)

Nice to see the usual crowd and some extras. I was chuffed to bits with my ‘ride’ in Broady’s Company car :wink:

No problem,hearts and minds,its what its all about.I’ve left the sticker on the number plate to see how long it lasts.:smiley:

is it just me or does anyone else feel uncomfotable with all the old bill around at BMM.?

especi:hehe::hehe:ally the ones scrounging free coffees and free stickers to bling up their battered old cars

and giving it the big un with there blues and twos.

they just dont respect the public theses days like when i was a lad…blah blah moan moan moan :hehe::hehe:

defo made me feel nervous so much pealers around, then realised you were all there to talk to us! :w00t::w00t:

and thanks for not giving into temptation, i know frogga wanted u to shoot me with ur tazer! :frowning:

oh so that was you steve! i heard a brief bit of a conversation you were having and couldn’t understand a word i figured it was you:D

What time do you peeps normally arrive??

I turned in last night about 5:30 and couldn’t see a bike in sight…

Not sure if I was in the right place…

From London Bridge…right at the lights off the high street and first right
into Stoney street (?) with the pub on the corner…

So just rode through…:ermm:

ur very keen :wink:

normally people start turning up from 630 and stay till wenever they feel the urge 2 feck off

was there on me MOP-HEAD got the mick taken out of me by me own MUM for it being slow. i still would av turned up @ the common tea hut b4 every one else if i didn`t wait for em so nerr:P

its a good job braody did let me hold the tazer as u would av got tazered :cool:;):P:D:cool:



Oi nowt wrong with mopeds/scooters:D

That depends on who’s riding em?

i don`t think me ped could take two broad set chaps like our selves ;):D:P:D

which one were you then ? :ermm:

Don’t know why you’re asking, you won’t remember by the next time you meet him! :w00t:

He was standing by his rather nice CBR for most of the night if that helps :stuck_out_tongue:

very true

and who are you again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Was good meet - Clapham was good - Arse aite seat on way home after not listening to some peeps advice on wheelies - Ended up spinning the rear wheel - didnt expect that!

Oh, and must warm tyres up before doing anything!!

See you all next week, and potentially on Saturday!

thats the right place mate!

i’m going to turn up for me first BMM next week, will be there from 17:45ish

look out for the lanky newb on a wobbly CBR :wink:

get the impression only a few of the LBers work very close