Borough market 18th

ok so im posting this early as Me and Steve are off to Ireland for a week on Thursday, we will be down borough to say bye to you all :slight_smile:

so whos comming?

yah, i will be there, gotta see snappy, shes got some pics for me i hope!:smiley:

Steve Who?:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there…:smiley:


I came down on t’43 bus last week, but I fancy bringing the motor-tricycle this week. I wonder if it’s cool to park on the end of the roadway that goes inside the market? It’s a big old beast :frowning:

7wheelwagon, bring her along and i’m sure we will find a nice spot for her to park, even if we have to move ours.

i’ll be there

im gonna be there :smiley:

shane will be there had a good time last week:cool:

will be there, coming without a bike, but leaving with one :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued? Do tell.

Think he’s getting he’s piece of sh*t back :smiley:

so guessing mel’s got her bike, what is it is she turning up on it??

He will be taking back that shed with no brakes and no back lights that he lent some poor victim:D

i should be there straight after work so i`l be on me mop-head:D:P:D:P

sorry cant make this,but you and steve have a great time and see ya both when you come back:)

I have never been to any LB gatherings, so I’ll try to make this one and finally get some stickers.
Be gentle though, I’m new and don’t know anybody :wink:

I think I’ll try to make it along to my first ever BMM this week, noobie and hardly know anyone so if you see the guy with the silver fazer looking a bit lost please come say hi! :wink:

And don’t forget my cable ties, they’re holding the exhaust on!!! :w00t: