Bolt cutters?

Ummmmmmmmmmm anyone else now concerned for their locked bikes? Surely we don’t want to be promoting this ON A BIKERS WEBSITE???

i dont think we should worry that much. this stuff is available from google.

it’s also a demonstration of how much effort it takes to break these locks.

Who’s promoting what?

Can also advice that the lock is looking strong and will be looking to invest in one for my shed as/when I move.

Yourebarred - you in Waterloo?

Thx Ian. Was in Wateeloo earlier! Just spoke to the landlord and we are going to give it ago Sunday night (2 man job!) Thx for the various bits of advice,

I will be tomorrow. Got a photo of this lock?

Its a Kasp. The main bit is a good 4cm tall.

Strong bastard and recommended :frowning:

glad you’re all so blasé about safety!

This is just a long con by bluelagos to get us all to secure our stuff with locks he knows how to break. /columbo

Lol…except I cant break the fugger.

Maybe that’s what you want us to think :slight_smile:

I have a 3ft long pair but nowhere near sorry

But time is not talking about bolt cutters

Assuming the padlock is still doing what it does best what type of padlock is it?

What about a photo so we know exactly what we’re up against!

Art, I posted a link above…you know me and photos arent good.

Whoops I missed that. Take a cold chisel and place it on the inside of the shackle at a 45 degree angle pointing down towards the body of the padlock and give it a proper tap or two with a hammer. The vibration alone should be enough to jolt the internals into submission. If it don’t open after a couple of blows work on the opposite side of the shackle, you need to be striking the side of the shackle that opens.