Bolt cutters?

Any good folkmfrom LB got access to any bolt cutters and avaiilable in Islington? Long story short the garage Imam currently using has had its lock chnaged and a new one put on. We are worried it might be someone looking to rob the contents so have secured another lock, but the new one needs removing or I cant get my bike gear out the garage.

So, if anyone has the gear and is free today and/or this weekend, there is a very grateful LBr who would apprecizte it. I have the keyfobs and the garage has cctv in/out to reassure you I am not looking to rob someone elses garage…

Or an angle grinder

Or Explosives … :wink:

Yep…please:let me know if you can help! Got me bike ready to pick up but cant ride it!

Unfortunately I’m out in Essex
But if you have no luck phone up a locksmith to cut the lock off

Go to B&Q bolt cutters will be about £10-£15 a locksmith will easily be £100+

Cheers Marmalade - may go that route if no one is nearby.

Check the padlock shackle first.

There are bolt cutters and then their are bolt cutters. You can typically pay from £20.00 to £100.00 for them So what’s the difference? The cheaper models are designed to cut 6-8mm low to medium tensile steel rod, the re-bar type of stuff that is found running through concrete. The more expensive models are designed to cut through padlock shackles and chains.

If its a cheap DIY store type padlock the cheaper bolt cutters will probably do the business, as will an angle grinder, hacksaw or a couple of well placed hammer blows. A couple of Youtube clips to demonstrate the technique. If using the brute force an ignorance method in the second clip I’d recommend using a steel drift or cold chisel to direct the hammer blows exactly where they’re needed.

Aaaaaaa good old BQ bolt droppers
You buy cheap you get cheap
I wouldn’t buy anything like that from BQ

Can you rent something from jewsons etc? :smiley:

Padlock 1 BlueLagos 0. Got some bolt cutters and gave it all I had, but the fooker was barely marked :frowning:

Yeah, it’s rare that you’ll get much out of bolt croppers with a proper padlock. You want a (cordless) angle grinder, really. I’d try Jewsons or HSS.

Drill it out, high speed steel bit, one at the top of the cylinder, one at the bottom, the lock should just fall open, just be ready to spray an entire can of wd40 in to keep it cold

Cordless angle grinder will be £10 or £15 from local hire shop or maybe £100 to buy a cheap one and you’ll be through it in no time.
A big set of bolt croppers would probably do it but they’re easiest to use with them on the floor and your weight behind it - not likely to be possible on a garage padlock.

Is there a gym near there? They usually have bolt croppers to remove padlocks from lockers. David Lloyd had an industrial set when I was there.

+1 For explosives

You can borrow some from my work at Waterloo this weekend if you promise on someone’s mother’s grave to bring them back.

oxy acetylene cutting torch or plasma cutter?

How about going to something like Jewsons and hiring a proper one that will cut through the lock?