BMW Relibilty dont make me laugh

It looks like that was my fault. I hadn’t checked the oil level, and it may have been very low.


Oh wow!

@Aceman I’d doubt that very much. If the engine oil level was low enough to cause a catastrophic engine failure there would have been tell tales. Such as the oil warning light would have been on for several minutes and you’d have experienced a gradual loss of power as the engine internals tighten up and seize. Think it through there can only be two reasons for a low engine oil level. 1) its leaking oil and 2) its burning oil, I’m assuming here it had enough oil put in at the previous engine oil change. Whether its leaking or burning oil there will be some visual external evidence such as oil dripping from under the engine or billowing blue smoke from the exhaust.

From memory didn’t your engine suffer from a con rod failure?

I don’t want to hijack this thread, so have put pictures of the engine on My bike died - Help & Advice -

Getting back on track, as this is about BMW reliability, is this a recent thing about BMWs, or has there always been something about their reliability not being as good as the brand image seems? A friend in my MC says that whenever he’s been on European tours, the only bikes that have ever broken down on the continent were BMWs.

However, if their reliability is a recent thing, it might have something to do with olives. Yes, olives, and yes, there is a story behind this. A story about olives -

BMW has the highest amount of official recalls.

They also have the highest customer retention due to how they handle those recalls.


they have now had my bike a full week & jack shyte has been done to it, i havent heard a peep from either the dealer of BMW customer care.

They only have the higest retention becuse of the GS and the riders blind loyalty

once im finished with a few things this morning the pair of them are getting both barrels

@Wise - I’ll be interested to hear how that goes. Are you going to covertly record the conversation?

FYI, that would be illegal. You require consent from all parties to make a recording, and of course without consent, would be inadmissible in legal proceedings…

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I thought the recording would be for our entertainment, nothing like dishing out a good bollocking!

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Are you sure?
Businesses need permission to do it, but people don’t as far as i can tell from a quick google. There is then the question of if the court will accept it, and thats not got a clear answer.

Why would I record a conversation my life isn’t that sad

I can’t stoop that low
And legally you have to tell them your recording

you don’t have to tell anyone it is being recorded. However, if you ever wanted to use it as evidence and you have not told them then you cannot use it.

It can be recorded as long as it is used for internal purposes only.

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so the bike needs a new
Water pump
Sump Pan
Side Stand
& They are changing the font master cyclinder

its also getting its 18k miles service (late)

What the heck is wrong with the sump pan!? Has it been dinged?


i forgot its also getting a new side stand
they bend !

Wise - That’s a terrible list of parts for bike that only done 18k miles. What model and year is it and did you buy it new or second hand from a BMW dealer?

It was brand new last july so thats a 21 plate

no olive broke down, the amount used was just reduced so no cost involed only gained

when a bike breaks down under warrenty then costs are involed & depending on the amount of breakdowns costs rise on every claim so any cost saving is negated by the cost of the warrenty claims