BMW Relibilty dont make me laugh

BMW Relibilty dont make me laugh

And todays list of failures
ABS fail
Traction Control Fail
Battery Fail
And a few others that I wasnt quick enough to see

Back to BMW it is
the bike is on first name terms with the dealer its 8 months old and has been back 4 times now & thats not including the bits that have required replacment when found when it was in for its normal service

And people say Triumphs aren’t reliable

BMW battery fails seem to be a recurring theme, do you think it might be BMW’s choice of battery specification?

The ABS and Traction Control fails could both be caused by battery low voltage. Most ECU’s will shut down and throw up all manner of fault codes when the battery’s level of charge drops below the pre-defined threshold.

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Its not a battery fail the battery is fine
its the charging system
it broke down last Thursday as well with a similar issue my Local BMW dealer apprently fixed it


The problem you’ve got @Wise is you actually use the bike and not just pose at local coffee shops.


I know @Jay has had a number of issues with his shiny BMW was which I think also revolved around the power system in some way

The OEM battery my R1250GS came with proved to be insufficient. Hot restarts were problematic. Replacing the battery with an uprated one seems to have done the job. It positively roars to life now.

New Water Pump
New Oil Pump
New Wheel bearing
New Headstock bearings
New Rear Swinging Arm Bearings Replaced
New Coil Pack installed

It needs another waterpump which will be changed on its 18k service (delayed because the dealer forgot to order the parts)

& its only got 19k miles on the clock

Friend of mine test rode an XR, stalled it at the lights.

Computer threw an error that only cleared after waiting for 5 minutes and 6 ignition cycles.

Glad that’t happened on the test ride then

Was that the Yuasa from Halfords?

Yep. Thanks :grin:

The Triumph I bought was terrible.

my 700GS doesn’t like the cold, battery has to be jumped if the temperature drops below 6 degrees but everything else works okay apart from being some kind of ginormous nail magnet.

I had a bike like that once, an aprilia Tuono. Was ok after being left out in the sun for a bit.

If an engine fails to start/crank at low ambient temperatures but is OK when jumped or when the ambient temperature has risen some then that can only be a battery problem. Either the battery is coming to the end of its serviceable life or its the incorrect fitment (under powered) for the motorcycle. Check the motorcycle owners handbook or a workshop manual for the correct battery specifications, paying particular attention to the capacity (Ah rating) and start up power (CCA) and don’t forget to check the overall dimensions and terminal configuration.

A word of warning here some manufacturers are known to specify and supply under powered batteries in an effort to save weight. If your inclined to accept keeping a motorcycle connected to a battery maintenance charger 24/7 is normal it’s not an issue but, if like me, you don’t need that hassle then get your motorcycle a higher specification battery that is up to the job you’re asking it to do, make sure that it fits in the battery compartment because a higher specification means a larger physical size.

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With the tuono, the problem was underspecced cables to the battery, there’s a mod kit to upgrade them that solves it in all temperatures.

Interesting comment to your point of battery size. On my 2015 Tracer, the battery box actually has a foam insert as if a bigger battery was originally specced.

Exactly as you say, cost cutting and weight saving gone too far. Note too most of the reassuringly expensive suppliers of upgraded battery lead kits also recommend upgrading the battery too.

edit: No point in fitting a higher capacity battery when the current flow is restricted by the battery leads and visa versa.

Mary’s Triumph Street Twin was hit by the infamous gearbox issue recently. Selector knackered at 5.5k / 1.5yrs old, refused to move out of 1st, no matter how much you tapped it up or down. Not great when you’ve just joined a dual carriageway and have a big truck bearing down on you… Replaced on warranty, but a quick Google seems to indicate it’s a common issue on all the Bonneville based engines with nothing done to rectify it. :-/

if the Triumph you brought was terrible,
what would you say about Kawaskia after all it launched its engine