BMM 19/08

I should be there.

i’ll be there for a coffee, aint been in a few weeks…

I’ll be there for a shandy:D

Me too:D

And me :smiley:

Are you meeting any girlies to take them round the back? :wink:

Very possible!


Can’t stop there… explain yourself!!! :w00t:

Might stop by on route ive got to feed 2 cats 1 in streatham the other in west hampstead and i work in battersea grr!

is that a euphemism ;):D;)

I should be there.
Havent been for a few weeks and the weather is meant to be even better tomorrow :slight_smile:

will be there on me new wheels:)cant belive you said that rob:D

Should be there too.

**I shall bring your phone case for you joby:D **

I’ll be there.

Tug, what’s this i hear about new wheels?

should be able to make it…

Will try and say hello… what time does it normally get busy? Had a wander down that way about 6.15 last week on the way back to the tube station but clearly was too early.


might do, tug text me if u want to meet me at work then ride there together

there are usually one or two there at 6:00 but most people turn up at/after 7

aint that sweet:D hepl the ederly and all that:D:P