BMM 19/08


Yeah he was showing it to me on monday:D Quite a nice set of wheels for the old git:D

I will be there with cookies for all :smiley:

I am considering it… Now that the batteries as been restored by a new and working Maximiser

Ace for us, it’s Lotus & Drag night - Sexy he/she perving night :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

lol, but come on what guts or should I say balls does it take to rock up at the Ace in that garb;)

Well I was having my doubts about you but I think you’ve just confirmed them :smiley:

What little number will you be in tonight Simone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, Cinema for me :smiley:

at thi point I’m not sure if its wise to confes I once played Lady McBeth in full Rocky Horror drag and 5 inch F.M.D. heels, had to go to the tranny store in Euston for them…but as yet am till definately hetero:D well till the right boy comes along, lol

nice to have been there again, cookies were lovely ally, thanks!

New bike is very nice!:cool:

Cracking turn-out tonight eh!

Twas a good night and lovley to see Karin(gixxerginger) out getting to know people:D
Did Kevsta make it home i wonder or is he still riding the circle line lol:w00t:

As long as he’s not trying to catch whatever it is he’s hallucinating he’ll be fine !! :w00t:
Was good to catch up with everyone and even got my coffee bought for me too ! Cheers CC.

Cracking turnout, Lovely weather, Delicious cookies. Ally your becoming one of my favorites:D

You say that to all the girls though!

Was looking forward to BMM - intead I had fun on the tube :ermm: … mobile sauna… yuk!

+1 and a thank you to Hannibal for showing me how to get to BM without getting lost.

Does this answer your question? :smiley:

Excellent turn out last night, it was great to see everyone.