BM wednesday 14th April

We have had at least our 3 days of good weather so i’m sure we can muster a few more of you to BM tomorrow.

So who’s coming along?

il be there , 1st time with a bike:)

wont be there this week, was going to ace, but we playing some other team from north london so gonna watch that

I will try to be there, PJ, cant promise creamy things though :w00t::hehe:

I wont be there as I have no bike and theres football to be watched at the pub!

I have a bike thats mo-clean than yours. So I might not be so embarrassed to show my fairings… will be a short visit again tho.

:ermm: :stuck_out_tongue:

i am coming :slight_smile: please be nice to me…i am a noobie and i am shy :hehe::w00t:

i will be there but i do want to watch the footy aswell!

If work permits, will be there.

I might be coming if i can get over my shyness!:slight_smile:

Might pop down - anyone wanna ride from chiswick roundabout?

I’m making dinner for friends, so I won’t be there (not that i’d come any being the chicken I am)

I just said chicken, not big fat and orange !

What you said, and reality, is not neccesarily related :stuck_out_tongue:


all depends on if my essay gets finished

What time, cos i think im coming home first then meeting Gaz. SO might meet you so we can reserrect the “Heat Magazine Massive” :D:D:D:D

No bike, my alternative ride is away (did offer for me to ride his bike but we both laughed at that idea), and I don’t fancy public transport.

BM for an hour or two, then Ace for Brit bike night me thinks:D