BM wednesday 14th April

Not able to go any more

Suppositories might help you with that :hehe:

dont think i can make this now as i have to go and buy stuff for oulton.

have fun peeps :slight_smile:

Should be down there tonight :slight_smile:

Will be able to check out any swapsies for the car :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I’ll b along, gotta leave fairly early though

Think I might bless you guys with an appearance :wink:

still art work so no :frowning:

Nice to see all :slight_smile:

Good to see folks down there tonight! I promise to bring the Ducati next week as long as it’s nice :slight_smile: Trying not to lose that just serviced sheen too quickly :smiley:

Come next week if you can, I hear there will be cookies :wink:

it was great meeting all the people i met…sorry i can’t remember names as i was a bit cold and couldn’t concentrate :frowning:
next week i hope to be there again and that the weather will be better :slight_smile: i’ll make sure to check the forecast before i depart :slight_smile:

i am glad i went! woot woot! :hehe:

Was a good night nice to see everyone:D
Had a dramatic ride home though…had an encounter with a stretch limo :angry:
Stupid to$$pot pulled out on me on commercial street then just stopped!! luckily i swerved round the back of him and left him a nice fist print on his boot lid:D

You seemed to enjoy the ride home:) Nice view from where I was sat:P

brrr got there late then went round dorking and epsom :slight_smile:

Thats the spirit girl!


Well i have to say i was a little disappointed with the attendance last night. I arrived as 6.30 but left at 8pm very few there but those of you that were it was good to catch up. Oh and it was jolly cold on the way home but once again progressive:P

Was my first time there last night and felt really good to meet and say hello to some of you.

Cheers and I hope it’s warmer next week :slight_smile:

ah waspie i gave you gloves with hard knuckles, hope you put them to good use :smiley:

Oh yes…as i was off down the road i could see in my mirrors the driver had pulled over and was inspecting the damage looking none to happy;)

tell me again who you are? :wink: :smiley: i did enjoy it very much but i was FREAKING cold ! :w00t: well it was my fault…should have not been confused with the C vs the F :stuck_out_tongue: i know that’s an excuse! hahahaha couldn’t you tell i was cold ? :wink: