BM tonight

Who’s braving the cold this evening, then? :slight_smile:

Nooooooooooooo Ride in cold stand in cold then ride back in cold not 4 me :smiley:

thinking about it… :crazy: :unsure:

I came in on the train today, so I wont be able to make it. I take it youre happy with your tyres now? You sounded it, so hopefully, thats the end of it :wink: Enjoy your sausage bun! :smiley:

Yeah, I think they’re OK, thanks. Hopefully I’ll never have to worry about it again - I’m beginning to despise tyres and everything to do with them! :hehe:

When things go wrong with my bike, I don’t like not knowing why…!

in that case… and because of recent weather:



Touché! :smiley:

It’s on my way home so I’ll pop by. I’m out of food too so a delicious and healthy kebab will do nicely. :kiss:

may be there might not depends on me electricuting or stabbing myself:D

I’ll ber passing through briefly to meet Afro. Wont be stopping long though, it’s way too cold for me!!

What are you doing? Trying them one at a time to see which is worse??:stuck_out_tongue:

You gonna be on the bike?

yup changing spark plugs for the first time so fingers crossed and all that

I will be going to a mobile technology thing tonight held by O2, where I will probably be mostly meeting the Dirty Pretty Things (maybe) not that I’m to bothered as this is not really my kinda music… but we all have to pay the bills.

Hell No!! I’ll be in the beemer, terrorising all the bikers by driving like a twat :smiley:

unlucky i guess someone has to meet them. thank god their splitting up in afew months

might be showing my face depends if my boots have dried out in time after last night blizzard

lol if your there come over and say hello, I will be in a charcole coloured suit with pin stripes, and a black shirt…

oh no i wont be at the o2 tonight i mean at the market

Not for me tonight

i’ll be down till about 7:45ish plugs and air box all sorted bike pulls real nice now:D