BM tonight

Not gonna be out tonight either.

Best of luck:)

not sure ill i wanna spend another afew hours freezing my nads off last night of horrid but then again i havnt got anything else to do haha

i’ll be there about 6

might pop round for a while after work so ill be there round 6 too :wink:

After all that, I can’t go. :pinch:

…not me tonight.

the only cold i intend to experience tonight is cold Krony in my local while watching the mighty Arsenal


i thought you were engaged…


Sorry, off work and I’ve had 1/2 a bottle of wine so am not allowed to ride… :smiley:

only a handful of people down there tonight the SV made a lovely exit:D and my that i mean back fire:w00t:

you looked shocked it even came from your bike but still no little flames yet

only the second time it’s happened to me. first time was underground and it was LOOOOUD!:cool:

Off nights next week so hopefully be my first BMM then.

Thought about it, until I realised that the local footie club was going to play their worst enemies for a 4-4 draw last night. Cops everywhere, roads shut all over the place…

was there for an hour, didnt see anyone else out, pansys :stuck_out_tongue:

I was there until 8! Peeps moved indoors, something about being cold?

cold? whats that then? lol nah it was cold, i got to BM just before 8, must of just missed ya

TheDoctor parked up quite early, gave some pathetic cover story and went on a killing spree. Viggen, shiver85 and I are his alibi.

fraid of a wee bit of the cold are wee people?

only a few of us were out, mostly from cbc