What a bunch of head f*cks!!

They mess with your head just so they can get into your pants then fck off with the next thing in a skirt… bunch of cnts. Then they can’t even see how much they have screwed your head up and say we’ve just got PMT.


and your point is??

Handy tip for spotting the head F**kers though…if they seem to good to be true, and are very attentive, etc…

that’s because they ARE too good to be true…and they’re after knicker action!

Love at first sight is a very romantic…but highly unlikely notion.

A bloke who isn’t everything you could wish for…may turn out to be!

So a bunk up’s out of the question then? lol. We’re not all that bad… honest…

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience… join the club lol

Dont hate the player…hate the game! only joking there are some nice guys out there :slight_smile:

Here babe have some chocolate…

I’m usually quite honest. I’ll tell ya am only emptin mi nutz.

That has to be the PERFECT response!!!


Just keeping on a par with the other topics in the Bovvered section…

Never heard a truer word spoken! lol

So 2 LBers got dumped this week, maybe those to should get together seeing they are both single.

Ha ha - didn’t get dumped this week. I dumped that someone a while ago but he’s been fooking with my head ever since… until now

…And it’s just honest words about blokes

I Really Like Your Shoes!

(wanna ****?)

(apols to …)

If he is doing things like that he prob misses u/still likes u.Take it as a compilement that he cant get over u and ignore him!

That’s such horsesh!t. This one time, a guy beat me at Medieval: Total War by being completely cheesy in a friendly match. I went round to his house and beat his head in with his own shoes.

Join the club huh? Didn’t know you batted for that team biggus

LOL cheeky fecker…

Try and get your mind off it and do some cleaning.

That kind of language’ll earn ya a SCHLAP!!!