Stick a rampant rabbit up your chuff and log off.

Ofcourse we mess with your heads…If you just offered up the pants then there’d be no need

Damn… I knew I shouldn’t have missed the Ann Summers party

Just to balance things up with the Girls thread:

Can I just say that there are many people out there who don’t appreciate the ‘C’ word being used on this or other threads. Can those who are using it please be a bit more inventive. Please remember that this thread is not in the adult section so can be viewed by all.

So - no more using the word ‘Cnut’ or similar please…

Haa haa, thats good. You are a braver man than me.

Ok girls and blokes sounds strange but ever heard of cosmic ordering? find a book on it, read it, make a list of what you want out of a partner, time scales etc give it ago! Yes i know crazy but if you have lost all faith in the opposite sex like i had, i was willing to try anything it worked for me. Dont mock it till you try it

nice one gp but wat bovvers me about it they think its ok !!!w######s

different when its done to them

and were are these nice ones???

mind u iv got mine!!!

john thats a slap for u

u will be bovverd hunxxx

well arent they my darling? they flirt with you, wisper sweet nothings, shoot their load and then **** off!

Westie, what`s wrong with that then.

GP theres only one thing for it! if his still messing with your head now, then you obviously havn’t had BREAKUP SEX!! get it out of the way and you’ll never hear from the fecker again!

and you will get a slap to turdy.xxxx

Ha ha - was that an offer

Heres a song for anyone going through a painful break up! I Love this song, its my anthem!


I like that…
Very Head ****er…

you must be joking… Is that how you end up with

a Proton?

so what happened then???

From Charlie:

Hey Gingerpixxe…lie down, I want to talk to you

She is keeping herself for Ginger…


Oh you lot are so cheeky

I’ve found the love of my life thank you very much… and, shockingly, it ain’t Ginger, or a certain couple of balding men or anyone who rides a bike…