Blackwidow or Delkevic Exhausts

Idly looking at stainless systems to replace the standard and slightly rusty one on my xj6 and these UK manufacturers seem pretty cheap.

Anyone heard of/got experience of either of them? The black widow ones aren’t noted as ‘UK road legal’ but I guess that’s not much of an issue generally anyway given the volume of some cans I hear around.

I’ve heard black widow have really back customer service

I would have said Motad  but they gone bust :frowning:  Delkevic I heard people talk about usually positive, never heard of Blackwidow.

When you say UK manufacturers, doubtful the exhausts are actually made in the UK?

I think SP Engineering, Quill, Beowulf actually made in Blighty.

Delvikic for sure better quality then black widow… also maybe look at lextek they offers a decent range and reasonable money also

Let me know if can help have accounts set up with them all so can sort you out :blush:

I have a Delkevic on my F800
I got a 450mm oval stainless steel one with removeble baffle
The quality is great and the sound is great to
Would I buy another yes I would

IIRC Black Widow used to be Ramsey Exhausts and had a really bad reputation for build quality, like collector box holes cut jagged and the pipe welded over the bodge. a few people on the Tracer 900 group have had full systems off them recently and are very happy with the quality though. maybe they’ve turned a new leaf

I have a Fuel exhaust…

Everyone says It’s loud but it’s a good loud. Build quality and customer service were great.

Can’t fault my twin Blue Flame Evos

+1 for Delkevic. 350mm carbon can here. Love it.

Thanks fellas, delkevic kind of looked like the more professional outfit from their website and half the price of the bigger names for my bike.

Big D, I’ll drop you a message when I’ve decided, although I think geography might make it tricky to collect from you as I’m down in surrey

Worth checking with Predator in Welwyn Garden City.

Quite a few people use blackwidow, mostly ok reports but not amazing finish.

Mivv are bloody good value.