Black Widow Exhausts - Any Good?

I saw that someone asked the same thing 4 years ago. Checking to see if there are any more recent experiences with them.

Since I’m going to be stuck with my MT-07 until I move out of London due to insurance costs, I thought I’d make a few more upgrades to it. The stock exhaust is basically silent.

Anyone had experience with Black Widow exhausts? They seem pretty well priced (£300 - £400) but maybe enough to raise suspicion. The other big brands like SC Project and Akrapovic are in the £800 - £1100 range.

Trying to get the bike to sound nicer and be a bit louder, but don’t want it to be annoyingly loud. I like the idea of a de-cat system for the cleaner look too, not massively bothered by the weight loss but it’s nice I suppose? Then again maybe it’s a bit shitty to get rid of the cat?

It’ll probably be fine for a road bike. De-cat will be loud though. It’ll be worth focusing on the noise levels and whether you can adjust them, i.e. with a baffle (single or multi-stage baffle too). For instance, I have three noise level options for my exhaust: No baffle, big baffle outlet, small baffle outlet. No baffle is too loud! big baffle outlet is great for normal use and small baffle outlet is for noise-restricted environments, i.e. many trackdays or touring abroad.

I’d say that particular system would be way the other side of a bit louder & well into the annoyingly loud part of the spectrum, there’s only a token silencing element to it & no mention of any removable baffles supplied either.

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what?? :hear_no_evil:

my CB is decat and no baffle :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s too loud you can always fit a baffle and some wadding to calm it down a bit.

On second look, it does look like it’s going to be ridiculously loud :exploding_head:

It may be worth considering too. Had one on my previous ZX10-R and was happy with it, so when I bought my current toy, I got the shop ( Daytona in Ruislip ) to fit one, rather than have the standard exhaust. At about £250 for a full system, that is road legal, and a little louder, I think it’s terrific value.