Blackheath this evening 02.05.2012

Hi is any one going to be going to the tea hut this evening?

If so what sort of time do people plan to get there.

the looks like its going to hold off for most of the day but i believe in may start to rain around 7pm according to BBC weather.

I might get do depending on weather but its not looking too bad atm (

If I do go though I’ll probably get there at around 7pm.

yeah I wont be as early as I was last week lol.

looks like once its starts raining it aint stopping.

I don’t mind light rain just don’t want to be standing outside if its pissing down

Does look like persistent rain from 7pm onwards which means turnout will be poor and I for one don’t fancy standing around in the rain so it’s a no from me.:crazy:

This weather is really starting to pee me off, where is the sun for crying out loud:pinch:

Had my shift moved into a late today, so I wont be there :frowning:

+1!!! Absolutely sick of it!!

same here, when is it going to stop…

im gonna pass by on my way home from work as its more or less on the way
6.30 or so unless its tipping it down by then.

@ redrat - Hang around for a bit. I shall be arriving shortly after you.

Ill get there for around 6:30 and give it until 7 if no one is around…

cool dan .com im on a yellow fazer.

Lightweights :smiley:

running abit late got a lorry of concrete to skip but will be there.

BTH is also on my commute route, i leave work in blackfriars road about 6.15ish, but im on a 125 so i should get to the hut about 9pm :stuck_out_tongue:

also even though borough market is down the road for me ill likely give that a miss tonight, feel very tired today.

Great laugh good to catch up gutted i had to have it on my toes so early .

You missed the Pizza, RR…

Some pizza delivery guy got stopped by the coppers directly opposite the hut, and they’ve been there for ages, in the end the delivery bike has been transported off, and DanielGT scored the Pizza from the delivery guy ^^

Hands up all those of you who went to Borough Market this evening… hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm thought not. Have i missed something have we been banned? it was my first time i was looking forward to the welcoming arms of you london bikers but all i saw were pretentious suits.

Was going to head to the tea hut but felt bit dejected by then:crying:


Apparently there was a big hole in borough market that upset the applecart so to speak…

amazing work by Daniel =