Black Visors

I am sure this has been a thread before but i wanted to get some clarity on the legality of Black Visors.

Every time the clocks go forward i get my black visor out. I have always assumed it is not legal but helps out no end on sunny days.

I have passed numerous boys in blue and my cousin is a copper and he has no idea if it is legal or not

I thought the law had changed but i may have dreamt that.

Can anyone help?

Legal during the day, illegal at night time. I hope it help. :wink:

hmmm i thought it was a 10% tint that was legal with the e mark stamp on the visor. Dark visors are always illegal but you will probably be let off if you carry the clear one with you. Don’t hold me to that but i’m pretty sure that’s correct.

Would never where a dark visor at night but i also doubt i would carry a clear one with me.

Always home before the sun goes down in the summer time

afraid of the big bad vampires are we?:stuck_out_tongue:

It happens to me very often I drive in black visor during a night…

Black visors are illegal day or night for road use. :w00t:

Ha i was right! Funny how you’re allowed to wear dark sunglasses under a clear visor though :wink:

Black visors are now ignored pretty much during the day, at night that changes, you will get pulled at night, especially by any traffic cops.

during the day if pulled just describe, politely the merits of wearing one on a sunny day. thats what i do if questioned…works a treat;)

I have always been under the impression that they are illegal but a the police will turn a blind eye if you use them sensibly i.e in bright daylight sunshine but you should always carry the clear one with you though just incase the sun goes in. At night you will more than likely get pulled and fined but not sure why anyone would want to wear one at night anyway!!!

ask arnie he’ll fill you in. probably more ways than one if you ask nicely:w00t:

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get partial tints, which are legal and are a sort of compromise.

looks cool :stuck_out_tongue: it’s stupid though. that’s why I had to order HID lights because can’t bloody see anything:w00t:

This topic is a minefield!!

For starters - black visors might be bad at night, but there’s nothing illegal about wearing shades underneath at night…which basically laughs in the face of the law…not to mention common sense as you cant very well take them off or raise them when you need to.

Secondly - I have one of those helmets with an incorporated dark visor that you can flip up or down within the helmet (a la TopGun!) on it it says “Day Use Only”.

I doubt they would make these and give them the british seal of approval if they were illegal! Mind you, does the sliding insert count as a visor? Who knows!

All I do knnow is that the main issue seems to be “When” you use them and not wether you have one or not. I mean, if I had a scooter I could ride around in an open face helmet with absolutely no visor at all and have shades on and I doubt there would be anything illegal about that.

:cool: All I know is that my insert has, on more than occassion, allowed me to see stuff which would have otherwise been to glared to look at - on really sunny days it defines everything so well - stops you getting those headaches from squinting all the time which only take away from your oncentration.

Vampires are fine, its the wife i worry about if i get home late

Agree that they do look cool but this biking stuff is dangerous enough as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

You could well find yourself in a pile of poo if you are involved in an accident when daylight levels are low and you are wearing a dark visor.

Upto 50% tints are legal btw:)

Most of us wear black visors at some time but you need to be aware that if you do the crime you have to do the time. Most coppers will not enforce the visor law but you may be unlucky to come across one who will:cool:

I’ve got a 10% tint visor, I thought that was legal for daylight hours ? It’s great during the day but wouldn’t want to use it at night, have been caught out in the early evening/dusk and it’s not funny.

any idea what insurance companies will do if you have an accident in a black visor and it makes the report?