Bit last

Morning all ,

few of us the other day thought it might be nice before winter kicks in to do a quick fish n chips run again down to Brighton.

So as long as its not torrential tonight we leaving the Ace at 8 ish.

Few people already going , but all dependant if the weather holds !!

Open to all , as no motorways on the way down , way home is a bit of a free for all as usual which roughly translates to make your own way home !

As I said , a bit last minute , but if you at a loose end and dont want to stay in …

Put me down as a provisional yep yep, as I said on text grumbling wisdom teeth lack of sleep!!

so if I can get a few Zs in this afternoon between painkillers and it ain’t still lashing down Ill be all over this like a cheap suit!

pussy ^

nice one see you at ACE,

Hi chaps,

I’m new to the forum, you mind if I tag along?

ace is madness on friday night so keep checking the posts to see where the guys are.

look out for a yellow R1 yellow Helmet. or a fat bloke on a duc 1199. :stuck_out_tongue:

and a good looking fella on a smash up FZ6 (me):Wow:

ps after this i might be lying in a gutter :Whistling:

Didnt know PJ was coming ?

Yes mate , just come up and say hello !

Sorry I’m missing this one JC, I fair enjoyed the last wee “holiday” in Brighton. On the plus side you won’t have to wait for me this time :slight_smile: Have a gid yin!

Maybe we should cancel it last minute… But who would do such a thing!!


Flats, for a second there I didn’t realise you’d quoted Motopup and I thought you were calling me a pussy! :slight_smile:


i would like to go, but i cant, i have started drinking. its friday pm !

Nope it’s was purely aimed at Lewis!! But do not discount it as a future possibility!!

Right, I’ve replenished my ibuprofen supplies I’m going to try and get a couple of hours sleep!


isit ok if i come for a little blast! erm not 100% just yet becuase not sure what time i finish work today, if i do come down ace ive got a firestorm and rather loud cans! alex

Ok , so just so everyone knows what to look for , Flats is the bike in his sig and Ill be on a white 1198.

I have a white Shark lid with a LB sticker on the back. Come and find us , say hello and we can leave together weather permitting.

Dont mean to be rude , but you need to find us , not gonna wonder around the car park looking for blokes. Thats another day out.

if you get a table post it on here so blokes can find you. Its a nightmare looking for LBers on friday night…

I will be the Indian bloke in my IMORTAL red and black leathers with a black lid with the “ORIGINAL” Londonbikers sticker on the front…

Will have eyes peeled !!

Or ‘Do-A-Flats’ and stalk the forum and post random ****. :smiley:

You doing your big Norfolk ride this year? Or have you cancelled it? :cool:

anyone going to ace from croydon way? live in crystal palace

Light rain right now in West London…

Outlook looks ok for Surrey & Sussex.