Bit last

I’m not going to make this now I’ve been stuck at the Uzbekistan embassy all day. :slight_smile:

APEGS… Sorry, I just saw this… I live in Carshalton… went to ACE…1/2 way there, started to rain…

After a cuppa, left for Box Hill and we could not out run the rain… got too much so we called it a day once we got to Box Hill…

Another day perhaps…

Hope you all got home safely…

JC… No more excitement with white lines or wet electrics on the bike i hope?? :Whistling:

Well noone can say we didnt try ! too wet to be safe so we called it a day !

Cheers for the offer of a brew , had to decline as I wouldnt be able to get me gloves off and then back on !

Bike and my new fish tail made it home safe :smiley:

Was a good effort Justin

Was damp to begin with and just got wetter. :crazy:

Can always try again :slight_smile:

Still freezing in 2 blankets watching eyes wild shut…
Shd help me warm up a bit …

wil be heading Brighton with a couple mates from Box hill at 9am, might bump into you guys at Brighton sea front for a coffee :wink:

we gonna take A24 onto A281 onto A23 into Brighton town

Sorry buddy but your 11 hours too late

We were heading done there last night

Didn’t make it as weather was pants

FairPlay for trying sorry I didn’t make this wisdom teeth been giving me **** all weekend I think being cold & wet would of just destroyed my concentration more!! Still on a plus the pain has eased a fair amount now starting to feel sane again!!

If we can squeeze another in I’m all for it brews on me for letting the side down!!