BikeTrac tracker

Can anyone suggest Bike Trackers?  BikeTrac so far from read-ups seems to be a good option… £300 installation plus £100 p/a … it uses GPS and Radio Frequency to track bikes and covers Europe too !

I’m still keeping an eye on me_groovy’s project 

I’ve been around a freinds house to see his BikeTrac.  I was not impressed.  It had missed recording some of his journeys into work, whilst it’s meant to be fully trackable all the time.  Additionally, whilst it was parked in his garage, looking at it on the internet showed it being parked about 30 yards further away.  Not good for a £300 unit that has an anual fee too.

I love the thought of Mian finishing one of his projects…

I love the thought of Mian finishing one of his projects... Big Red S
LOL....They are all finished..... (in his head) !!

Ian Williamson a bike track fitted to his bike

Ian Williamson a bike track fitted to his bike Wise
I thought he hung his boots up?

Nah he is just a fair weather pussie

I have one, it’s pretty good - but it does often miss bits of my journeys into non-phone signal areas. I don’t know if this would be different when the tracker is in stolen-mode. Maybe then when it regains phone reception it uploads all of the history? And if I park in an underground car park, it shows the bike as further up the street with the ignition still on (because when it went underground it lost phone signal, and so couldn’t send the latest position or report the ignition turning off).

It has the advantage of using RF as well, so even if GPS is sketchy as long as they get to the general area they can try to find it using that instead.

I’m glad this has come up again as I’m thinking about these options now.

Got biketrac, its good but make sure you have a trickle charger if you leave the bike for a couple of weeks and turn speed monitoring OFF!!

I really should sort this out. can’t figure a way to have it stay able to charge without flattening the bike battery. wouldn’t be a problem for someone using the bike every day. 

A relay and a battery?

Is this any good me-groovy?

cheaper on fleabay

I’ve left my bike for weeks at a time and not had a problem with battery drain; it sent me a text when the voltage dropped to a level I set (still way above what’s actually low) so that I knew to charge it / go for a ride.

mine’s not that clever CJ.

thanks for the idea Gav, I’ll look into that

Road Angel Bike Trac. looks to be the best £280.00  Plus  £120 a year…  you get a text if your bike moves. you can look back at the ride you did on the net. it can send your loved ones a text if the bike is down . and a lot more …I’m getting mine fitted in May… 


Got a pet project to turn a particle electron board into a bike tracker… If it goes anywhere I’ll post a thread.

They have a 97% success rate. Though that’s for bikes reported stolen - doesn’t mention service drop outs.

I’ve got mixed feelings about it but mostly good. When the bike is parked it shows the location very precisely, probably within a couple yards. It doesn’t seem to show the routes of my journeys on the map, which is something I wanted but maybe it’s because I’ve turned the speed tracking off. All I see is dots in places where I turned the ignition on.

The few times when I accidentally moved the bike with ignition off I got a call within a minute or maybe even less. And I didn’t even move it by much, once just bumped into it. You also get a text message with coordinates of where the movement occurred.

It’s supposed to send you a text message when the battery drops below a minimum threshold (it has a built in backup battery) but mine’s never drained enough to get one. I’ve left the bike untouched for 3 weeks a couple times in warm weather and it started fine so I don’t think it will drain the battery.

Hope that helps. In my view worth the price for the piece of mind alone. Plus you can also pay for 3 years in advance and only pay something like £225. Another bonus is you can take it out and put on a different bike unlike some other trackers!

Good piece of kit. Worth it for piece of mind. Unfortunately it will suffer from the usual issues if someone wants your bike enough a tin foil lined van break any contact with the gps. But what you gonna do?