BikeTrac tracker

The few times when I accidentally moved the bike with ignition off I got a call within a minute or maybe even less. And I didn’t even move it by much, once just bumped into it. You also get a text message with coordinates of where the movement occurred.

Really?! I moved mine from the grass to the drive (maybe 2-3 metres) with the ignition off and didn't get anything. Hmm, will have to do some testing - no good if you have to roll it down a hill for them to realise it's moved :D
Road Angel Bike Trac. looks to be the best £280.00  Plus  £120 a year....  you get a text if your bike moves. you can look back at the ride you did on the net. it can send your loved ones a text if the bike is down . and a lot more ..I'm getting mine fitted in May.. 


Had to turn the bike down feature off on mine as going round a nice left hander it sent a text to my wife who shat herself! always get a call/text/email when i clean it/move it out the garage, the routes covered is a good feature but have mine without speed. I haven't set up for it to alert me when the battery drops but if i know I am going to ride I just log in, ping the bike and see what voltage the bike is. You can also set it up to call 2 other contacts if you are unreachable in the event of activation (and my wife gets the call within seconds of me not answering!) - it is good kit.
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I’ve the ZZR in pieces and had the zx10r off the road for 1 month. However back in the saddle when early morning meetings permit.

Yes have a tracker on the ZX10r … See the following link for past discussion

What can I say …

     impressed at installation,

     impressed with kit and installation cost,

     impressed with subscription cost,

     impressed with ‘bolt ons’

     impressed with the notices you get when bike it moved.

Haven’t had to call on the Trakking’s ability to find my bike … so can’t comment on that.  

BikeTrac all the way. Fantastic product and company. You get a good discount for buying 3 years upfront for the subscription. The unit is really well made and you get text alerts for low battery, movement etc etc