Biker jailed

122 with his son aboard the busa, hardly fair he probably didn’t get out of 2nd gear. Click here for story.

I was wondering about this today…

If you were doing a spirited 173mph and then you checked your mirrors to see the blue lights behind you on the motorway.
What would you do?
Would you continue fast as [email protected] and get to the next exit and try and loose them or would you pull over and wait for them knowing you have done 173mph and would be going to jail?

frightfully nuts, in germany, you can do unlimted mph on some roads, in the UK you get put in prison, frightfully nuts…

fugging ridiculous…

along with graffiti…another non violent offence…yet jail time…stoopid…yet there are kids on our streets with guns that walk free from court, or dont get the full five years they should.

joke…this country is a joke…

I agree with the sentence. Can you imagine having to scrape a 14 year old off the road if something went wrong and then go and tell his mother what happened? Remember too that the lad was in jeans and had no gloves:angry:

Uk justice is dead…revolution here we come…start by providing freedom for the masses, sensible justice for those that err on the wrong side of things and hard justice for those who keep repeating serious offences…

speeding is not a criminal act…but in this country it is…total nuts…

so teh fella deserves 4 months( prob serve 2) in prison…

Prison is full of some nasty chracters mate, people that have been in time n time again, how do you think that fella will cope in there??..

yes something could have gone wrong, things can go wrong anytime…we ride BIKES ffs.

he didnt commit a violent offence…NO NEED FOR PRISON SENTENCE.

+1 good post!

That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. My opinion is he did something very dangerous that could have affected a lot of lives and he deserves the punishment he got.

“he didnt commit a violent offence…NO NEED FOR PRISON SENTENCE” - what would have happened if he came off and the lad either died or was critical, would it still not be a violent offence? That is like carrying a gun and when you get arrested saying when I last fired it I missed so I shouldnt go to jail.

I’m with Dan on this one. As much as my son loved going fast on the back as a kid I would never dream of doing such speeds with him on the back in the wet and with no proper kit on. His mum would never forgive me!!!

of course, as are you dude.

i still see no need for a prison sentence, yes if something had happened it could have been different…but nothing happened! and no it would not have been violent, becuase it would have been an accident, maybe with speed being a contributing factor, but still not violent.

stick a gun in someone face or fire one, that is violence…and plenty of peopel get off them charges…TRUST ME

compare a gun to vechile is sillly.

I guess we will agree to disagree.

I guess you need to be a parent to understand;)


I think the jail sentence is fair, he’s unlikely to serve the full length. If his son were kitted head to toe in leathers then my opinion would be different.

Personally I won’t pillion a friend at speed unless they’re wearing full kit. Not doing so for a young child who is under your care and supervision is unforgivable.

Whilst I agree, it’s not actually illegal is it? It seems moral outrage is havign a worrying effect on the legal system in this country

Not sure what relevance graffiti has in this thread…but - If you want to spray something on a wall…go and buy a fecking wall and have your fun. Costing the tax payer (me!) hundreds of thousands to have it cleaned off every year. Little spray can scrotes! That is unless I’ve missed some core social development as a result of running from the police, jumping on train lines, vandalising other peoples property etc etc. Why shouldn’t you get jail for it if you are proved to have incurred tens, maybe hudreds of thousand of pounds worth of damage??? It’s just not on!!!

All crime should be fought not just violent crime. ‘‘It’s ok I robbed a magazine because I didn’t [email protected] anyone over the head’’…absurd.

back to the thread…

As for the speeding…jail seems a bit steep. Pretty stupid doing 120 with a kid on the back. Not sure as to how I would sentence him…lucky it’s not my job.

agreed, pillion should have had better kit on.

BUT there is still no need for prison…tis ridiculous…prision is nasty place.

borrox…its a non violent crime…prison doesnt help…infact it mnakes some worse. the relation to thsi thread is both are non violent crimes, yet recieve jail terms.

im sick of people being jailed for silly things whn our jails are already rammed, focus on kids stabbing each other not kids writing on walls.

i’m not gonna get into a graf argument cos it aint for this thread, besides unless your in it, you will never understand it.

I was thinking that but didint want to sound patronising, the main reason I have that opinion is I lost a mate in a car crash when we were 13 and can still picture his mothers face at the funeral :frowning: