Biker Down A40 today about 5.30 pm

Life is not a bed of roses all the time…some people dont like to see the other side but I am a soldier always ready…


damn hope its to a bad a feared, theres too much of these happening i almost got wiped out by a car doing a u turn in solid traffic.

keep an eye out people


well I have been posting other stuff but I think you only like bad news so thats when u notice me…

i thought you were a courier???:blink:

No I am a soldier

sorry i thought that was how you got around london so much or are you one of those “street soldiers”

well I am a foot soldier…

do you have to wear crocs on tour?

Ok but, I personally don’t need a post about a ‘biker down’ to make me ride more safely, these posts dont affect my riding at all, what does affect it are the close calls I have whilst riding my bike, thats what makes me question my riding and why the near miss / close call happened. Usually forgot about it by the time I get to wherever I’m going tho’. Reading these posts make me feel for all involved for sure but I really dont like to see guesswork and if’s, buts and maybes on such a topic. I’m not sure of the solution, the voting idea seems a good one to me, but thought I’d voice my opinion. Ride safe.

started writing exactly that…thanks you saved me a few lines.

It was still closed last night about 8pm. Must be bad news for it to be closed that length of time. Personally I don’t mind these posts. The heading is clear, if you don’t want to read it don’t click on it.


damn i thought i was the only one who was pi$$ed off that the fact of fatal crashes was the only posts that this dude posts up about. We dont wana read about it, we know it happens, cant u post about something flipping useful!!!


well its some information I thought could be useful…its upto the individual how he takes it…some people just have habbit of complaining others learn a lesson from it…

Morning gang. I did see this post last night/ early hours of this morning but I thought I would let it ride for a while. The mods often get a lot of flack about stifling people’s posts and as we have seen in this thread, there are people for and against this kind of post.

I agree with Sherrie, the heading is clear and if you don’t want to read it then don’t click on it. I do however take the point that Ian made about it being moved into a different forum. For now I am going to move it to road watch but I will discuss with the mod team where these posts should go in the future. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Unfortuantly me and Curtis happended to ride past this very same accident just after 6 on the way to borough, did not look good at all, body in road under blanket :crying: made me feel very sick :sick: I wasn’t actually sure if it was a biker or not as I could see no sign of any kind of vehicle!! RIP :frowning:

i’ve heard it was a fatal…a police officer too apprently tho thats what i’m hearing…either way RIP fella :frowning:

Bad news. Thoughts go out to all involved. Still not sure what the point of a ‘biker down’ post is tho’.