Biker Down A40 today about 5.30 pm

Going to the west end saw on the other side of the A40 the road is closed and an Aprilla 125 sports with fairing white and red. Was in the middle of the road. Ambulance , police etc… I think it was very serious. Dont know any more details.

true to form…


if theres a crash easy will know about it…

past on the way home white and red 2006 on Yamaha r6

R.I.P fellow biker :frowning:

god, i hate seeing these posts. my heart always sinks. Hope they were ok.:frowning:

Welcome back easyrider;)

Where have you been? We’ve been a bit short of “Biker Down” threads lately;):smiley:

Please if you dont know anything dont keep posting up BIKER DOWN posts,

Do you just ride round London spotting them ?


he hasn’t in the past…

How do you encounter all these, dude!?

I passed this on the way home tonight at about 5:15.

It didnt look too good. The bike was about 30m further on from a police tent with photographs and what looked like measurements being taken. The whole road had been shut off, but there were about 15 cars on the fly over right around where the accident had happened, presumably witnesses to the incident.

It was a white and red bike, not sure what type.

I must admit seeing this has really shaken me. I’ve been driving in this week because i wanted to get off the bike commuting for a few weeks as I wasn’t enjoying the commute anymore and I’m thinking that I might keep to the car for commuting and just use my bike for my pleasure which is what hte bike was initially used for…

I sincerely hope the rider is ok, I’ve not seen any information on the net about the accident and would not want to presume the worst case until confirmed.

I’m not sure about the arughements about posting biker down posts into the general thread, I guess this should really have been in the road watch thread as the whole elevated section of the a40 was closed…

I’ll stop rambling shite now!

I’d prefer not to see them, and as they’re in a general thread then I can’t not see them, if only the heading.

Would it be worth the moderators putting up a voting thread to gauge opinion (assuming they don’t agree on a line first by themselves)?

Happened to watch the One Show this evening and Michael Caine was late for his interview because they had closed the Westway, presumably because of this accident.

Sincerely hope this isn’t fatal.

good post kelv, doesnt sound good…can hope tho.

i dont like seing biker down threads either, maybe a post in teh road wacth section as kelv said may have bene more appropriate?

Not that I like to see biker down threads, but they always give me a bit of a wake up by thinking I could be the next one, reminds me to concentrate on my riding and not become another statistic.

I was heading out on the A40 yesterday and a cop car came to the front at Old Marlyebone Road and ran a rolling roadblock right out to the White City turn off, guess this must have been why.

If I were you I’d get a car . . . you seem to be at the wrong place at almost the wrong time . . . it’s only a matter of time before that’s the wrong time too . . . get yourself a cage before the inevitable happens :wink:

The whole biker down thing started when we lost a valued friend on this forum (full throttle) Easy has since felt the need to keep doing the posts, I have no idea why but he does.

If I see someone who has had an off I dont post it, I would only if it was someone we all knew.

maybe one of our mods could give a polite and firm hint:blink:

Personally whilst I find it upsetting I also think it serves to remind people how dangerous it can be riding a bike in London. If it makes a few people ride a bit more safely, or take some additional training then I think it’s good to post.

They certainly act as a wake up call to me, I hope the ride of the black KTM Superduke (?) who was acting like a looney through Stockwell this morning reads it before he kills himself, or someone else. If you read this mate you might think you are an urban warrior superhero but actually you just ride like a complete twat…

well what else u want to know…I think this information is enough!! I dont know what u talking about…

Dont be scared…the more you ride the better rider you will become!

People dont like it but someone has to do the dirty work…we should see both sides of riding.