Triumph Sprint RS Yellow - W556 EGC.

Car - Vauxhall ZAFIRA - X698 AFP

reported to police. Passports and all cards stolen

Broke in and took keys/wallets the works.

Oh no mate, that`s everything gone, what [email protected]

sorry to hear that mate,crimes like this are happening time and time again.

:pinch: shiiit, gutted for ya mate. What [email protected] :angry:

That is so terrible! I hope you aren’t shaken up too much?
Fingers crossed that they catch the theives pronto.

I feel your pain - it bit me on Friday.

Are you another West London hit?

Good luck.

man thats shite,

hope they get the buggers! and string 'em up!

My wife and children were supposed to be flying to Hungary this morning so that she could say goodbye to her dad. He is lying in hospital dying from cancer. Major opertation on Friday, and doctors don’t think he will make the week. This is what guts me. The bike and car I don’t give a **** about, but now they stole the passports etc… so we cannot get them there now.

mate, thats definetly the worst thing about it, i really feel for you and your family, hope you can sort something out ASAP.

Oh mate:doze:I’m so gutted to read this. Its bad enough getting robbed at any time but the bit about the passports and you wife’s dad has sickened me mate.:crying:

Hanging is too good for these c***s.

I hope you can stay strong for your missus mate.

Gutted Chunksedit. Is there any way the Hungarian Embassy can help with an emergency passport because of the situation? Just a thought.

edit. Is there any way the Hungarian Embassy can help with an emergency passport because of the situation? Just a thought.

i was gonna say that, surely in this sort of situation they could do something??

fingers crossed for you makman and family.

Call 02088551212 (Plumstead Police Station) Ref: 3605319/08

I will offer a reward, an unopened (lucky you!) bottle of single malt.

Jeeze Makman, that sucks big time!! :frowning:

I hope you get something sorted re: passports, and as I’m not far from you if there is anything I can do just give me a shout!

Fingers crossed that you’ve had all your bad luck for this year and that your wife’s dad pulls through his Op… :satisfied:

Sorry to hear of your loss of bike and car, but what really disgusts me is that they knicked your passoprts aswell thats just bang out of order, hope your wife gets to see her day soon

i know its gonna cost you alot, but cant you get the passport forms tomorrow early morning then fill them out and take them down to the passport offices in london which are located near victoria and get a passort which will only take four hours to make but then the passports will cost you £100 plus then fly out late tomorrow night.

That fu*king stinks.

My sentiments exactly :angry:

oh mate thats awful. im so sorry, i hope you hear something on this.

nothing i can add as its all been said in the other posts, but as said get down the passport office tomorrow morning and book a flight for tomorrow night,.

I would love to do that, but she has a Hungarian Passport, childre are British. The real problem is that we are out of money. All accounts frozen as cards were all nicked too. It is a no win situation. We are properly screwed over this time.

this appauls me…makes me feel sick to my guts…so sorry to hear of ur news mate…i hope the get what they deserve…b)astards!!!

not a happy smiled:angry:.