Bike no claims bonus on a car policy?

Are there any car insurance companies that accept bike no claim bonus’s as my first quote on a car was a joke

you’ll have to phone them, i think tesco, direct line, and a few others but cant rember off the top of m head.
they wont have the same effect as NCB, but still taken into concideration

Dont think so fella , once you use the bonus on a policy then its used.

I tried to get two policies for two bikes and they said I used the bonus on one bike already so could use it again. Went multibike for an extra £47 - result !!

It’s a joke it’s not like in new to the road so don’t see where they get off quoting me £2600 TFT

What car ?

Mk2 golf gti 1.8 1991 but still thy are taking the p

They probably Googled you & saw the amount of rebuild threads you’ve written… :wink:

Afraid the killer is a London post code mate, a few years back one my 25 year old workmates who lives in the sticks managed to insure his £10K 5 litre Holden for the same price as my £2k 1.8 Astra despite me being 20 years older & having full NCB! :crazy:

All you can do is ring around & try to barter them down.

Lol that would be funny if they did, lucky none have been my fault.

I’ll ring around once I’ve passed my test as I’m not changing the car I’ll just have to swallow the premium

Im in the same boat mate.

Mental insurance, surely a bike NCB will help, no where seems to take i though.

I was 25 a few years back and my P reg escort 1.8 (£450) was insured for £1200 for the year. W3 postcode. :w00t::crazy:

Carol Nash used to do 6 Wheel insurance… which took into account your bike NCB’s from the bike !! :slight_smile: :wink:

stay on a bike shiver its much cheaper

But but but I want 4 wheel fun!!!

I’m still keeping the bike just makes sense to have both

Just read on MCN that you can’t transfer NCB from bike insurance to car insurance. Apparently bikes are a different risk category and insurance companies can not do a proper risk assessment. Apples and pears so it seems :angry:

It’s not that they can’t do a risk assessment on the difference, it’s more about they can’t be bothered. Oh, and it’s a nice little earner.

They’re all unscrupulous, untrustworthy vultures and they are surprised people try to rip them off.

You can’t use the NCB on two policies at the same time.

This indeedy
I passed my test two years ago - I’m 41 with full bike no claims but to insure a 1998 1.4 Honda Civic was just under £800
It’s cheaper if you can get a driver with a few years under their belt as a named driver.
We have a multi-car policy with Admiral now, Jools has her car insured, and my car is insured in my name as the policyholder on her multicar policy.My 2.0 Hyundai Coupe costs £440 for the year.

1991 Golf GTI ?

have you thought about getting classic car insurance on it instead? At 20 years old your motor fits the ‘classic’ profile therefore you can get a restricted mileage classic car policy for a lot less than a standard one ( where insurers see you as a young guy in an old but fast ‘banger’ - probaly see you as a ram raider too).

You will need to join the VW Owners Club to show you are a true enthusiast and limited mileage can be something like 8000 a year which is enough for most people… and there are ways if you see what I mean.

Worth getting a quote anyhow - VWOC have members classic discounts too.

It’s also brand specific. Jap and Fords are horrible to insure. Peugeot too. Anything that the chavs will want to nick. Get a Hyuandai 1.0 and you will pay pretty much nowt :slight_smile:

i got a quote on a daiwoo matiz…******* horible car…TPO £1050 and ive had my license 6 years and 1 years car ncb