Bike no claims bonus on a car policy?

Whatever insurance co. you go to will grab you by the balls and squeeze.

ahhhhh the joys of insurance in Britain absoulete rip off

why cant NCB be transferable? its not like you can ride the bike and drive the car at the same time!

At home its the vehicle thats insured not the driver…brilliant

My fireblade insurance here was £500 insurance for my Peugot 1.4 1990 worth about £150 … £450

work that out

have you tried Carol Nash… they can ‘mirror’ your NCB’s from your bike to your car if you meet their criteria !! :cool:

Have you actually asked your current insurer if they do car insurance too and if the NCD can be transferred?

I lost my 9 years of car NCD as I hadn’t actually had a car for over 4 years and when looking into getting another one my current bike insurer ( E-Bike Insurance) said that they would take into consideration my 3 years of bike NCD.I tried lots of other insurance complanies but E-Bike were the only ones who were interested. You can only ask.

Try £4600 I had to pay for an 05 2litre turbo.

A year later I paid £2600 for the same car.

Basically for a car its about 4x that of a bike.

Its not that you’re new to the road, its how much more damage you can do with a car compared to a bike.

If you’ve got a histry with bikes, they will think you’re a mega risk in a car and will price accordingly.

Does it take the micheal, yes but sadly its the way of the world.

Australia, when you tax a car, you get TPO insurance as well;)

Try comprehensive, it could quote less than TFT – this is completely illogical, but true in some insurance companies. Or just get quotes from a few different companies